Just When You Think …

… there is little or no intelligent life in the land of the lotus eaters, otherwise known as LA, along comes something like this!! Not only one voice, but a growing plethora of sound. Rising out of the progressive cesspool, the entertainment capital of the world, Hollywood.
Granted “tinseltown” has probably been to the left of the political and social norms spectrum almost since it’s inception some 70-80 years ago. However, it has only been from around 30-40 years or so, when they seemed to have not only forgotten where it’s financial bread and butter resided. (And that would be here in fly-over USA) And at the same time, found it’s “talent” (Yes dear, those are sneer quotes, why do you ask?) becoming ever more vocal on issues the movie going public don’t want to hear their entertainers being publicly vocal about (big hint, we would rather be entertained!!!).
Anyhow, check it out. And a big h/t to Sondra K and the gang at KisP for the heads up!!


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