History and Hysterics

Bithead, over at BitsBlog, fears he will be targeted as a hate mongering racist right wing knuckle dragger. Ok, perhaps that overstates his “fears” just a tad, but never discount the left, or Obama syncopates in their zeal or their blindness.
Anyhow, “Bits” has the clarity of vision to recognize today for what it truly is in the historical scheme of things. And notes the electing of Obama is actually far short of King’s version of racial equality, that it is much closer to the traditional Democratic mold of “business as usual” vis-a-vis race relations in this country.

This will be unpopular, I’m sure, but I think it fair to say that with the election of a Democrat, of whatever skin color, given the both historical and current actions on the part of the members of the Democrat party on race, and particularly the actions Mr. Obama has already stated he’s going to take in the near future, means we have actually moved further away from Dr. King’s dream, not closer. And I regard that as a loss for our country, as should all who dare claim Dr. King’s dream, and legacy.

Go and read it all. Note history will remember that which is worth remembering … hysterics of the left aside, and with any luck at all this day will be at best a “historical” foot note. A foot note to the entry of when this country, as designed by it’s original architects, ceased to exist … or rose up from the progressive ashes of socialism to reclaim it’s birthright. We shall see.


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