I'm Sorry

Had what almost turned into a heated exchange today. An individual (who shall remain nameless) stated they were amazed Obama apologized stating he was the first (and I am paraphrasing here) senior political type, let alone a President, in a long time, to ever have apologized after making a mistake.
I replied this wasn’t the first time he has had to do this. However, this time seemed to be different to the extent he “did” claim responsibility for the acts. Being the picky bastard I am, instead of all the hemming and hawing, why didn’t the man just say “I made a mistake. I’m sorry, this kind of thing will not happen again on my watch.” And be done with it.
More importantly, what was he really apologizing for? That the individual (in this case Tom Daschle) was an apparent “tax cheat”, that he couldn’t in good conscience have him in his cabinet? If that is the case, then what we really have here is a good stab at misdirection. Yes, Daschle is a problem as far as his tax concerns go. And by all means be sorry for not being “on top of that”, Mr President. But there is a bigger issue here. One he has yet to have his feet held to the fire for, and yes, graced us with yet another “apology”.
You have Daschle, Timothy Geithner (the new Tresury Secretary), Nancy Killefer (picked for performance chief – she stepped aside), New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (pick for Commerce Secretary – he stepped aside). And these are people Obama picked to be part of his administration. Still to come is Senator Judd Gregg, Republican of New Hampshire, considered to be the top contender for commerce secretary (after the Richardson “oops”). The problem here is the possible conflict of interest due to Gregg’s stock holdings. Want to bet how long this one lasts before we have yet another apology?
Then there are those pesky (former) pals/cronies/family members who either said something far too embarrassing: Grandma being afraid of blacks, Rev Wright Damning America, Ayers trying to blow up America. But of course they don’t matter because Obama either apologized for them and or threw them under the bus.
And here is the point. If this man is so smart. If he is so politically astute. If he is such a leader of men and in tune with what needs to (supposedly) be changed in D.C. and America, how come he can’t even select members of his who are able to pass muster for the positions he want them to fill. In other words, Obama is looking to be ( or most likely; always has been) grossly incompetent in his ability to judge a persons character.
As an everyday citizen, this might not be all that big of a deal. It would perhaps effect said individual and his or her immediate family, friends, or co-workers. But on the world stage, the President of the United States, now more then ever, needs to be a sound judge of whom he will be dealing with. Be it face to face, or after dissemination of information, he must be able to make judgments based on instinct (leadership is a trait and part of that entails the correct “reading” of others). With out this, we end up with a person who will “apologize” … to the American people for making poor choices in his picks of potential cabinet members … to the Arab world for our “not being perfect”.
You have to wonder what kind of apology is he going to give us after the next international terror attack (assuming it was due to lack of American military interaction), or worse yet the next domestic terror attack. I, for one, hope that day never comes. But if it does, there will be no apology coming from him which will ever be good enough.



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2 responses to “I'm Sorry

  1. Those of us who knew better, kept saying that Obama was completely inexperienced. He is nothing more then a “flim-flam” man and it is my belief that he will be and is a danger to our freedoms and our Constitutional form of government.
    All those that he has appointed to his cabinet are totally despicable it will be garbage in-garbage out, and can only bring ruination to America.

  2. og

    You misunderstand. Owebama will not apologize to US after an attack, he will apologize to the attackers. Scumbag that he is.

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