Time to Move on

I have noticed of late, that there has been a drastic increase in the amount of spam coming in via the comments. I thought about dropping the comments all together, and also looked into whether or not there was any scripting I could get which would eliminate most, if not all the spam. Sadly, there was no way for me to accomplish this. So gathering up the few scheckles I could find, I figured it was time to find a hosting service, and update this site as well.
I shall email as many as possible once the transfer is complete and we are in our new diggs. Think I have a place picked out, but am going to check around one more time to be sure.
Watch this space for the final notice. We are not going poof, just moven on up!
Ye Olde Harbor Master and Head bottle washer.
Have found a hosting site that seems to be good value for the services offered. Starting to build a new foundation for this ol hog of a houseboat. When it is done (other then some minor “peaking and tweaking”, will send out the new URL. Expect to be up and about within the next week or two.
Gramuagus, thanks again for the lead about beachcomber, they are the hosting service I finally went with.
Ye Old Harbor Master.
Update II
The new addy is : http://snuggharbor.org for those who wish to update their blog rolls and such. See ya all there!!



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3 responses to “Time to Move on

  1. I’m pretty happy with Beachcomber.net
    Their terms of service allow anything that isn’t actually illegal, they get high marks from several 1rst amendment organizations, and also get good marks from the Better Business Bureau online reliability program.
    My customer service experience with them has also been top notch.

  2. Oh yeah, you can always just slap a redirect here so all the traffic that comes here ends up at the new digs.

  3. Thanks!! Will take a look and check them out ASAP.

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