So Long…

…and thnaks for all the fishes! To use that old line (and title) from the late, great Douglas Adams. This is the final entry here, and it has been a heck of a ride.
To Pixy and all the other good people at Mu.Nu there are not words enough to express my thanks for allowing me to park my digital butt here for almost 5 years. That you do this to allow folks to have the freedom to express themselves away from (at least what used to be the very limited opportunities of) Blogspot/Blogger. To Eric (Wonder where he is now?) who help with the original layout of this site, Jim who was a fount of knowledge, and Harvey whose wealth of information was anything but “A Bad Example”, thank you gents!!!
Finally to each and everyone in the Mu.Nu. family, past and present, may your travels through “the interwebs” be a constant source of …. well, what ever you want it to be.
If you ever get the urge, feel free to drop by the Harbor will still be there, just a new address.
Guy S
aka “Harbor Master and Head Bottle Washer” at Snugg Harbor.


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