As Rome Burns, and Nero Fiddles …

We move a little closer to anarchy, and away from “rule of law”.

When there is such an obvious void in leadership at all levels of the federal government, particularly at the Executive Branch. (Yes, you squatters at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, I am looking at you.) And the rest of the crooks, corrupt, and complacent Senate/Congresscritters, are looking out only for themselves. Add to this stew of the damned, a dash of anti-semitism, as evidenced by the way Israel’s military and political leaders have been treated since “he who has a rendezvous with dense” entered the oval office, and you will find more and more of the slugs who wait for what they perceive as a weakened society/government to occur so they can come out into the light of day.

Some might argue (with some degree of success) that the guards/guardians of society need to be “increased in numbers”. That they need to be better trained for the demands of the job. And, regardless of their current level of training, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to provide them with more training. Better they are over qualified then not qualified enough (or rusty in their skill sets due to infrequent/spotty training).

But a better, simpler way, much less costly to the government (at all levels) would be to allow for the citizenry at large to be able to open (or conceal) cary. As per that old so called “obsolete document”, the Constitution, and that pesky second amendment.

As has been noted elsewhere “An armed society is a polite society.”

But this is far too simple a solution. Requiring no major sub-committee formation or implementation of new legislation. So I guess it would never fly.

LC Aggie Sith wrote:
Two words:

Kennesaw, Georgia
11/06 19:47:19
Guy S wrote:
Aggie, is that the town which requires all it’s citizens to be armed?
11/06 19:58:26
LC Aggie Sith wrote:
Yes sir. Sure is!
11/06 20:15:45
Guy S wrote:
Dick, I took the liberty of moving your comment to the next post up, as I think you were addressing the cigarette issue.
13/06 16:31:53
Dick wrote:
Thanks, I’m an idiot sometimes… Most of the time.
13/06 21:07:14
Guy S wrote:
I don’t think so. Just a fellow passionate American. Not a bad thing to be at that!
13/06 22:14:48
CigarGuyJay wrote:
As Terrible Ted said when asked about having a concealed carry permit…

“I already have one, the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States”

Amen, brother…
17/06 18:42:36


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