Obama's Silence to Iran = No Hope and No Change.

There has been so many statements from both sides of the political aisle which state we are always supporting of those countries who seek to embrace the basic principles of democracy. We support those countries which actively support change via the ballot box, and not the barrel of a gun. We want there to be a constant moving forward toward the allowing of personal freedoms for all peoples.

One of the reasons given for our involvement in Iraq was to affect change so their countrymen would be able to make their own choices.

Now in the country next door, which was at one time our only major ally in the region (other then Israel), was at least attempting to see if a different leader might bring about other answers. Might offer something other then what the current leader had done. But the real power behind the political throne resides with the mullahs. And the one time there is an opening for the rest of the world to aid in bringing about real change in Iran. Of uniting behind what appears to be not a cowering group of minimally educated and down trodden people, but a country which was accepting of the west at one time, at quite possibly would be again, if only we answered their cry for help.

Yet all we get out of the Oval Office, “The love child of Jimmy Cater”, and all the corrupt, craptastic Congress critters and Senators….is the sound of crickets…the sound of silence…nothing less then (giving) tacit approval to those whom we have been fighting against these past eight years. Spitting in the face of every man and woman who have risked their lives or have given that last full measure of devotion in battling same.

You are all hypocrites to be sure. But more than that you are traitors…to those who have served this country…to those who are serving this country now…to the very Constitution you swore an oath toward…and last but not least…to the American people.

Mr. Obama, you are not my President. Your cabinet, your words, your deeds, your aspirations, are not worth the powder it would take to blow them to hell. What makes this even more horrific, is we are all responsible for the mess we are in. It has been leading up to this moment for some time. Not even the Democrats have sole ownership, there have been transgressions on both sides of the political fence over the years, from all three branches of the government.

You and your trash, along with the hyenas in both Houses, are the bitter harvest we now reap. The world, and our allies, are all the poorer because of it. And Iran … Iran, one time ally, current adversary, now however briefly, has opened a window of opportunity. That if we would (the west) act as one and support them in their need, may, at the end of the day, bring them to the table of diplomacy and allow for an honest dialog to be held. Instead our silence insures more of the same lies, hate, and misinformation will spew forth from the puppet of the mullahs.

There is fire in the streets of Tehran tonight, and laughter echoing throughout the halls of Hell.

CigarGuyJay wrote:
And Obammy’s comment about not wanting to comment on the Iranian situation for fear it would appear we were interfering with them has blown up in his face…

But Iranian leaders have accused the United States of “intolerable” meddling in its internal affairs after the country’s disputed election late last week led to allegations of fraud, street protests and a government crackdown on news outlets and Web communications.

The above from this FoxNews article…


So, how’s all that Hope and Change working out for ya, 52%ers?
17/06 18:48:12

LC Aggie Sith wrote:
Why would he want Iran to change? If Iran became a democratic country, it would serve to solidify the Bush Doctrine, and we can’t have that now, can we, Prez Obama??
18/06 11:03:33

Guy S wrote:
There is all sorts of interesting info coming out of Iran…everything from Hamas and Pakistan “hardliners” “helping out” the entrenched government troops against the rebelling army and militia forces.

Yeah, let’s leave Iran to its own devices…that will serve this country will in the future. Obama once again makes the Carter Presidency look like a rabid hawk in comparison. And that is beyond even being “just sad”… it’s terrifying.
18/06 13:27:15

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