He's too Emo to be a real tyrant.: Narcissistic and Petulant are NOT proper Presidential traits.

Over at Eternity Road  “The Curmudgeon Emeritus” expounds on the current “Resident-in-Chief’s” lack of action in regards to the on going political upheaval in Iran.  More importantly, he talks about Obama’s embracing of “fellow travelers”, in other words tyrants, and how much longer should this be allowed (by Americans rightly opposed to tyranny and tyrants) to continue.

I responded in the comments, and in turn felt the need to amplify my thoughts over here.

I had made note of the fact had we in previous administrations, hardened our positions in both Iraq and Afghanistan, we would be strategically, in a much better position to help Iran on any number of levels.  But over and above this, it seems the current administration seeks to do nothing to this end, regardless of conditions in both countries.

I feel, most Americans, of the non-unicorn/pie in the sky variety, are of the opinion that either we are going to invest the time, energy, and manpower (or as Churchill said, “blood, sweat, and tears.”) in order to reach a successful conclusion to this “War on Terror”, or we are not.  And this would (and should) include taking what measures may be needed to help in bringing about a positive change in Iran when the opportunity presents itself.

The last administration in it’s handling of the war, appeared as often as not, to be far more interested in “world opinion”, “Islamic sensibilities” (now there’s an oxymoron for ya!), and political correctness, as much as they were in waging war.  Add to this having the majority of the media (print, radio, and television) actively working to weaken or destroy any action you take, along with large numbers of your legislative branch doing the same, it is a wonder we achieved the results we did.  To give them some credit, they did recognize the ineffectiveness of what they were doing and thus was born “the surge”.  This seemed to be a much better plan of attack.  (At least in Iraq, we shall see what happens with Afghanistan.)

If Obama was serious about winning.  He could (if he so desired) take stock of his military forces, assess where his strengths and weaknesses are and work toward improving what needs improving, and getting rid of that which holds us back from achieving our objectives (in the mid-east and elsewhere).

Any President can lay blame (rightly or wrongly) on his predecessor for any number of things.  This has been done in the past and will, I imagine, be done again in the future.  However, immediately after that, if he (or she) has any testicular fortitude, they will roll up their sleeves and work to correct what needs to be corrected. (And not actively shrink military budgets, as the current administration is doing.)

Instead, he embraces the tenants of Islam.   On more then one occasion, in his speeches reflecting on (his) foreign policy, he has publicly acknowledged same.  He has seriously weakened our staunchest ally in the region, when he “threw Israel under the bus.”  And now his initial silence on Iran is only made worse by his all too late tepid responses. At best, he is “sitting on his hands” and at worst, it could be viewed as Obama is in fact actively aiding and abetting the very enemy we have vowed to eradicate for the world’s stage.

That the leader of the (though who knows for how much longer) greatest Republic the world has ever known, the leader of the free world, consistently seeks to blame others for his faults, habitually snubs, ignores, opposing viewpoints, and when given every opportunity to do so, seeks the status quo “present”, vice showing any real signs of leadership.  Well, any honest viewing of history will judge HIM as falling short, and not so much the actions of the previous occupant, when it comes to what was said or done during the brief window of opportunity given us for beginning to bring a positive change to Iran.

CigarGuyJay wrote:

Obama has zero skills in anything, including “Community Organizing”. His ambivalence of the Iran situation, and now his declaration of the arrest of the Honduran president when he tried to circumvent their Constitution do nothing but reinforce the world opinion of this weak ass “president” that the 52ers elected.

He has NO foreign policy, he has NO domestic policy. All he has is…

WE WON! Asswipe…

29/06 17:59:24

Guy S wrote:

There are days when I start to seriously wonder if Obama is nothing more then the “figurehead President”, the face in front of a much larger (if somewhat disorganized) entity. Though, to this end, I have reservations about this, as it so strongly smacks of “conspiracies and the like”. Still, with the mass media in his pocket, along with the legislative branch, and almost half of SCOTUS, who knows.
30/06 12:16:27

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