The Feds, The Titanic, and The Fall of Rome

It is noted some have compared the mishandlings, misappropriations, misrepresentations, and general all-round malfeasance of the Federal Government (from the current President on down) to the Titanic and her tragic demise on the high seas. This is not a good comparison on a number of levels.

Granted both the Fed and the builders and Officers of the Titanic are, and were, respectively, reeking of hubris to the highest degree. However, that is about where the comparison ends.

The Titanic had no idea there was an iceberg in it’s path, until the last minute. They were not purposefully heading toward it with reckless abandon. The Feds on the other hand, to a greater or lesser extent, had full knowledge of not only what they were heading toward, they are the very ones responsible for creating “their iceberg” to begin with.

The crew of the Titanic may have been ill-prepared for the tragic fate awaiting them, but to their defense, they felt little need, as they had “drunk the kool-aid” of their day, believing their ship was “unsinkable”. The Feds have never been prepared for any mistakes needing correction or major calamity. The saving grace has always been we have had the time needed to either correct our mistakes, or build up manpower and or defenses to meet a given threat/calamity. That the American people have consistently risen to the occasion when the need arose, says more about them, then it does about our body politic.

The bottom line is, we could have avoided all the fiscal concerns we are facing now. We could have faced our concerns, domestic and foreign, head on and if not overcome them, at least kept them in check. The Titanic did not have that option.

No, a better comparison on any number of levels, is to the waning days of the Roman Empire (or at least to the Republic that was Rome, before the Caesars). The barbarians from within and without are here, can the new Dark Ages be very far behind?


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One response to “The Feds, The Titanic, and The Fall of Rome

  1. Guy S

    LC Aggie Sith wrote:
    –The barbarians from within and without are here, can the new Dark Ages be very far behind?–

    Just look at Islam…talk about being in the Dark Ages….and the left doesn’t even see the danger.
    06/07 20:31:18

    Guy S wrote:
    Whether they do or not, it is not part of the agenda they are advancing to acknowledge same. (At least until it directly effects them.) Guess it is hard to come out of the Dark Ages when your group (the progressives … not referring to you Aggie) are a bunch of dim bulbs.
    07/07 01:02:32

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