We Have Moved!

Welcome to the new home of “Snugg Harbor”.

Thought it was time to get the old girl a new coat of paint, and find some way to have more control over comment spammers and the like. So here we are, thanks to the folks at Beachcomber.net Hosting Services.

Still have some house cleaning to do, but the site is up and running. Expect to import a large chunk of the links from the old site, as well as add a few (long overdue in some cases) new folks to the list.

In any case, relax, have a beverage, and enjoy the ride! We have been around in some form or another for the past 5 to 6 years now, and should still be making waves until such time as our freedom of speech and or “the press”, is finally laid to rest. (And then it’s back to mimeographs and soapboxes in the park.)

Lloyd wrote:
I’m glad I read the post about the move, since Mundania has kept me away from too many of my blogs. But my RSS reader is now updated thanks to you keeping the older link alive for unintentional Luddites like me 🙂
05/06 22:08:19

Guy S wrote:
I won’t shut the old site down, as long as Pixy keeps it running it will stay up. And thanks for stopping by!!
07/06 00:17:01


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