You Know Things Are Getting Dicey When…

1. Comparing the current occupant of the oval office against Jimmy “The Peanut” Carter, makes Carter look like a decisive risk taking, military leader par excellence.

2. The Iman-in-chief now openly refutes earlier (while campaigning) statements on his official web site claiming “Barack Obama is a committed Christian.” ; now countering with “Americans have Muslims in their families or have lived in a Muslim majority country. I know, because I am one of them.”

3. Israel, our long time ally is denied Apache helicopter. While at the same time it appears,Egypt may be getting the very same Apaches. (refer to item 2 above)

4. A second rate dictator in a fourth rate country, not only has “the bomb”, but has repeatedly launched missiles of longer and longer range (testing and refining the technology for same). The same individual has a track record of arms sales (and transference of applicable technologies) to any individual, group, or nation which has enough cash to acquire same. (That includes, but is not limited to Iran and other “peace loving peoples” in the middle east.)

In other news, radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh has called the current administrations pick for the next opening on the SCOTUS, as little more than a agenda driven racist.

Wonder which of the above is going to receive the most media exposure?

Rod Serling couldn’t come up with a story like this, for the old “Twilight Zone”, on his best day in front of the typewriter.


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