Parental Rights and Responsibilities …

… just got a big nudge in the right direction.

CHICAGO — A federal appeals court has revived the fortunes of a decades-old Illinois law requiring teenage girls to notify their parents before getting abortions.

The U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Tuesday reversed a lower court’s ruling that had barred enforcement of the measure. The lower court found that a provision of the law giving teens the option of getting court approval instead of parental consent was not workable. But the appellate court disagreed.

The legislation was passed in 1984, then updated in 1995. It says minors can’t get abortions without telling their parents or getting a court’s OK to bypass the requirement.

Source: The Chicago Sun-Times

Not going to get into the great abortion debate here (at least not right now). But it is very heartening to see an appellate court rule in favor of the Parents, and more importantly, parental “rights”. It is hard enough trying to raise children in an environment which seeks to promote secular humanism (or derivatives of the same) as the only acceptable venue in which to raise a child. That any other set of values are to be either ridiculed and derided as being “out of date”, or “out of touch”. Or worse still, the state should be the ultimate arbitrator as to what is best for “the children”, rendering any parental authority impotent.

I applaud the Seventh Circuit Court in their decision. And I would hope this is an indication of change toward returning more control back to the parents. But the cynic in me thinks this is more akin to “a blind squirrel getting an acorn now and again”, more than any sort of sea change in judical mindset. Still, it is nice to see a win for the good guys once in awhile.

h/t to “The Admiral” for passing this along.


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