What are folks so afraid of?

As of late there have been more and more chinks in the Teflon ™ armor President Obama has encased himself with. His “numbers are falling fast” if any of the pollsters are to be believed. It would seem, at long last, more and more people are seeing that the Messiah Emperor has no clothes.

This is nothing new to a number of us out here in “America’s Heartland”, otherwise known as “flyover country”. We have had concerns about the junior Senator from Illinois, long before he assumed the office of Commander-in-Chief. Concerns about his political leanings, his political and personal associations, the content of his character, just to name a few.

Now I am going to toss the following in here, not because it is of any real importance to what follows, but to (hopefully) negate a “certain card” from being tossed out in any follow on discussion. I do not, nor have I ever, cared about what color, or “race”, President Obama may be. His melanin levels matter not one bit in whether or not he is either capable or qualified for the office of the Presidency. I was not raised to think of people as being either “inferior”, or the other side of that coin, “superior” based on the color of their skins. There have been incidents in my life which would amplify this even further, and perhaps at some future date, they will be brought out into the light of day.

So no, this is not about the President’s ethnicity, rather … to some extent it IS about “the content of his character”.

Over the past year, especially the last eight months or so, there has been raised, the issue of Barack Hussein Obama’s status as a natural born citizen of the United States.

Reasoned “Argument”
Is Barack Hussein Obama legally entitled, under the guidelines as set forth in the Untied States Constitution, to hold the office of President of the United States?


1. A number of folks have posited he was perhaps born out of the country, in this case Kenya, and thus would not meet citizenship requirements of that time in order to be declared a “natural born” US citizen. To date, there has been no concrete physical evidence to prove this event happened; some anecdotal evidence to be sure, but nothing of real merit, but nothing which would be of value in a court of law. And so, that direction is of little, if any, value. It also serves to play directly into the hands of those who seek to toss out any intelligent inquiry regarding Obama’s citizen status, particularly his status as “a natural born citizen”.

2. The current “conventional wisdom” has him being born in (at least) one of two hospitals in Hawaii. Which one, is up for debate, as there seems to be (again, somewhat anecdotal) evidence pointing to both, with neither coming across as a clear cut “winner”, if you will. This does nothing to help his case of not only being born in the states – if you can not, at the very least, get your story straight as to which hospital (in the states) you were born in, than it tends to amplify the more specious claim above, as having potentially more then a little merit. This could also be nothing more than “smoke and mirrors” on Obama’s (or his handler’s) part, in order to misdirect, discredit, or both, those who seek to unseat an allegedly unqualified President.

3. Assuming (the suspected forged copy aside for the moment) that there exists a “real and true” “Certification of Live Birth” (and by extension a long form “Birth Certificate”) which states Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, it answers a number of questions:

A) The names of both parents. (The long form also provides age, “occupation”, and country of origin of said parents. The name of the hospital where he was born, and name of attending physician.

B) The place he was born (affirming he was born on U.S. soil, thus an “American citizen”).

The “long form” is useful only in that it provides legitimate documentation of the above information. It does not address or resolve the question of Obama’s illegibility to be President of the United States. So the “birth certificate argument” in and of itself, is a dead end, and one which, when (be it real or faked doesn’t matter, the damage will be done regardless) it “magically appears” at the most opportune time of President Obama’s choosing.

4. The real issue is, whether or not Barack Hussein Obama is in fact a “natural born citizen”; thus qualifying him for the office of the Presidency.

A) There are a number of “levels” of citizenship.
1) Naturalized – foreign born native of some other nation/state, gaining citizenship via the “naturalization process” provided for as a legal immigrant into this country.
2) Native born – born outside of the United States, having either one or both parents being American citizens; or within the Untied States, having one or both parents being a foregin national. This particular subset of citizenship addresses that old canard that the child of two foregin nationals, who was born in this country is an American citizen subject to all the rights and responsibilities of same. This is true up until the point you get to the next subset.
3) Natural born – born within the Untied States of two parents of which both have full American citizenship status.

B) Of the above, which is applicable to President Obama.

1) Because of his “dual citizenship status”, due to his father’s British (later Kenyan) citizenship, as Obama himself has publicly admitted. At best, Barack Hussein Obama is a “native born” American; and whether it is fair or not, he is not, nor never can be, a “natural born” American.

2) If Barack Obama was (as has been suggested in any number of sites on the web) adopted by his mother’s second husband, Lolo Soetoro, thus making him eligible for (full) Indonesian citizenship. Was this “citizenship” status gained at the expense of any sort of U.S. citizenship he may have held at that time? And if so, did he ever officially “repatriate” with the United States? (Which in any case would again place him in, at best, “the native born” category, and NOT the “natural born” one.)

In Conclusion

1 We have right now, a sitting President of whom there is no definitive proof as to his formal citizenship status.

2. We have no definitive legal ruling as to whether or not Barack Obama would meet the specific qualification; this “sub-set of American citizenship”, known as “natural born citizenship”.

Shouldn’t this have been done (and made public) any number of years ago? I don’t care what the skin color, religion (or lack there of), ethnicity, family ties, or what their favorite band might be. But I do care that they have met the qualifications, as set forth by the Constitution, for the office of the Presidency. And I do care that they uphold the Constitution in advancing their agenda and in their dealings as President.

Sadly, I believe Barack Hussein Obama has failed on both counts.


If, and right now it’s a big “if”, the following photos are real and not forgeries … It would mean Barack Hussein Obama is not only NOT a natural born American, he wasn’t even (by the law at that time) an American citizen of ANY stripe.

Long shot of KENYAN Certification of Birith for Barack Hussein Obama

AND a close up

A close up of the particulars

Whether this is real or not, it would be of great interest to see what paperwork comes up when you look at the birth registrar’s books. Specifically book 44B page 5733.



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3 responses to “What are folks so afraid of?

  1. Agreed in toto. I do not care where he was actually born, he is NOT an American. Citizen, legally, perhaps. AMERICAN, no. Too many questions, too many complications, too much anti-American behavior. He is communist slime and does not deserve that seat.

  2. Guy S

    Worse yet, he is a Marxist whose sympathies (due to his Muslim education in his youth) align with the Islamists. We are soooooo screwed.

    Then again, there is always the Jeffersonian option, IRT the tree of liberty, if the ballot box option fails to work in 2010.

  3. There’s this one, http://nicedoggie.net/index.php/archives/2415, AAAAAAND this one, http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=105764, and I can rest assured there will be more. 😀

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