A Note on Rush, and Converstions While Driving.

In a response to a caller, who was concerned about the federal governments “snitch” site, and whether or not one should be concerned about where this is heading.

“You should be scared, you should be scared, afraid of loosing your freedoms.”, responded Limbaugh. The conservative talk show host went on to add that he didn’t feel one should be concerned about individual saftey. But implied after that, one shouldn’t dismiss any possibility of actions being taken by the government in it’s current form.

I would add, that the recent violent action(s) which erupted in various town hall meetings, are being used as “feelers” by the powers that be. This was used to gauge just how far (at least for the moment) they could “push” (or to use the old “mob speak”, “persuade”) the crowd in bending to their will.

The other possibility; these intentional (and intentional they are make no mistake about it, regardless of the reason) acts of confrontation/violence are being set up to bring those of us on the “right”, conservative/constitutional side of the street, who would choose to answer violence/confrontation, when met, with equal or greater “force”. In other words, tis little more then them “baiting the trap”.

Most likely, it is a combination of both.

My “sweetieheart” (Yes, that would be a term of endearment, given to us by our youngest genetic hostage, a number of years ago.) and I were having a discussion while heading toward the “big city” this morning.
The current state of affairs in this country, has been on the front burner for awhile now, and the recent “thuggish” activity only amplifies our concerns.

Concerns about the area/state we live in. Illinois is firmly in the Progressive camp, at least as far as our State government goes, and in the representation we have at the Senatorial level (Durban and Burris). That you have a decidedly more “center”, or “right of center” population once you are outside of Springfield and or Chicago (and the immediate collar counties). It is popularly referred to here as being “south of I-80”. Due to the total meltdown of this state’s Republican party, their voice is at best, muted, if not totally ignored. Fortunately for us, we have a good congressman in Don Manzullo

Than, there is the states (and even more telling, the city of Chicago’s) blatant bastardization, and or ignoring of the U. S. Constitution’s second amendment. Specifically, FOID cards (Firearm Owner Identification Cards), along with Chicago’s “ban” on private citizens ability to own handguns. Add to this, our state is one of many which are not only in the red fiscally, but even with an “approved” state budget, see no near term solution to same.

Concerns about what may happen to our parents. Now my mother is able to meet her medical expenses, and has health insurance. But with the implementation of the “health care package”, as it stands right now, she runs the very real risk of losing her coverage, due to the government enforcing a single payer/provider system (that would be the government as being the only provider). If she develops any major health issues, than what? We have the same concerns about my “sweetieheart’s” parents. Especially her mother. I won’t go into details, but with the implementation of “national health care”, she would not have a good time of it.

So yes, we talk about the current government actions (or attempted actions), the political posturing, the reactions of the populous (on both sides), and how this may potentially impact us and those we care for and about.

I never thought, in my wildest imaginings, this country would be in the position it is now. Oh, 40 years ago, while in my teens, I might have entertained the thought of international conflict against the communist hordes (be they Russian or Chinese), and the (slim) chance they may win. But that would have been negative change brought to these shores by outside agents. But having this same type of threat brought to term, and allowed to grow and infect this nation from within? No one would have thought such a thing as being allowed to happen back then.

But here we are, with the Progressive flame of a totalitarian state becoming reality before our very eyes. With the Constitution fading (quite quickly) into obscurity. Surly our forefathers looking down on this nation they gave birth to, are weeping. If there is any immediate consolation, many of us are weeping as well.


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