"Hiding behind the law" …

in every sense of the word. Congressmen Dingle, in the following video, is confronted by a man (who is “speaking” for his son in the wheelchair beside him), who claims the pending health care legislation will, if enacted, do little or nothing for his son’s condition. The young man is afflicted with cerebral palsy. (Follow the link, as the video will not show up outside of “ABC News’s site, dag nab it. Than come on back, I’ll wait.)

Father, of son with cerebral palsy, confronts US Rep Dingle over health care

Referencing the video above:

At first blush it would appear the gent doing the pointing and shouting is not really interested in an answer. However if you listen closely, Rep Dingle -when you can hear him- appears to be saying nothing more than a boiler plate response. The video also seems to have been edited (perhaps for time) as when the LEO’s show up, seems to happen out of nowhere. (It also seems to me that the LEO’s are not all that keen on removing the gent and his son. But that may be my own bias coming to the fore while watching.)

Some real questions the media should be providing in a follow up story to this. Has Mr. Sola tried to contact his representative prior to this meeting? If he did so, was he given any sort of reply? Leading up to Mr. Sola asking his question, was he continually being ignored by Rep Dingle (and thus becoming more agitated by the minute because of that)? Would be nice to have the whole story here. Because this could very easily be spun (and I have no doubt in my military mind, that such a thing will be happening in the very near future) by any number of Progressives, liberal blog(gers), and perhaps even Rep Dingles “people”.

People are reacting to (and not in a meek and mild fashion) the canned responses and talking points being spewed by their representatives (on both sides) regarding this abominable legislation. They are willing to stand up and directly confront their legislators. And it is about damn time this started happening.

Fact is, although most consider this kind of “fiery debate” as new to our political landscape. It was part and parcel of the American scene from this country’s inception. Any number of legislators knew if they did not represent their constituents, to the best of their ability, they were apt to find themselves road out of town on a rail and or tarred and feathered. Even in the “hollowed halls” of Congress, at least in our first hundred years, tempers becoming frayed and passions on the boil, would quite possibly bring physical confrontation into “the body politic”.

That we as a people are waking up out of the stupor of the past 60-70 years (And no, I refuse to include the youthful agitators and agitations of the late 60’s/early 70’s into the mix. The petulant youth, full of passion, with no sense of direction, seeking only to destroy established norms, offering nothing of real substance in return, is not of the same tempered steel.) with the realization that WE Are The Breath and Soul of This Great Nation! And as such, our elected representatives are supposed to “give voice” to OUR point of view. We are not here for their pleasure, for their building of power bases, or as stepping stones for their attempts to achieve even higher office. It is long past time our legislative bodies in both houses, had this point brought home to them.

The time for smoke and mirrors is long past (if ever there was a time for that in the first place). The time for elitism, arrogance, personal gain taking precedence over representing ones constituency (or even existing at all) ends NOW.

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