The Right To Bear Arms

This has made the rounds on the net today, and the Harbor will be no exception.

A couple of things before you watch Chris Mattews make (as he does with regularity) an ass of himself.

1) The U.S. Constitution does not “grant” you the right to bear arms with the Second Amendment, rather, it guarantees this right … which already exists.

2) The gentleman (although it could be argued, perhaps was guilty of not using the greatest amount of common sense) was will within his legal rights to be (open) carrying a side arm, when and where he was doing so.

3) Regardless of his political affiliation, or his possible lack of “common sense”, he handled himself well on “Hardball”, and should be commended for that. This interview (and by the way Mattews handled it, I use the term “interview” very loosely here) tends to discredit any talk of this man being an “unhinged, knuckle dragging, conservative nut job” . He remained calm, and collected, and was reasonably (given the circumstances) well spoken.

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How do ya”ll feel about this? Should the gent kept his side arm at home? Or, as he mentions toward the end of the video, (paraphrasing) “every one should be carrying, an armed society is a polite society”


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