The RNC Strikes Again!!

Not long ago I had received, courtesy of the USPS, a letter from the RNC which contained a “survey”. The fisking started as soon as I could sit down in front of the ol puter.

Weeeellll, guess what I found in my mail today? You got it in one Sparky! It was another “survey”. This time, although it was from the RNC, they claimed it was “geared” toward the local district level. And to be honest, aside from the obligatory begging for donations, this particular survey was a bit more direct in asking about specific concerns, and offering, as often as not, more than the typical “yes”, “no”, and “no comment” distractors.

It was officially called “2009 Congressional District Census”, and was divided into five sections. This time around, I will respond and send it back (in it’s postage-paid return envelope), along with a letter providing amplification to a number of the questions asked.

And so because I am in a sharing mood, I will provide the questions here, for all who care to, will be able to see (and maybe comment on same).

Political Profile:
Do you identify yourself as a:
1. Conservative Republican   2. Moderate Republican   3. Liberal Republican
4. Independent Voter who leans Republican   5. Other

Do you traditionally vote in all elections?
1. Yes    2. No

Did you cast a vote in the following elections?
1. 2008 Presidential Contest (Yes, No, Unsure [UNSURE????!!!] )
2. 2006 Mid-Term Elections (Yes, No, Unsure)

What age category below applies to you?
1. 18-29   2. 30-44   3. 45-59   4. 60+

How close do you think your views are to other voters in your community?
1. Very close    2. Somewhat close   3. Not very close   4. No opinion

From what media source do you regularly receive your political news (You can check more than one).
1. NBC/CBS/ABC 2. CNN/MSNBC 3. News websites 4. Local newspaper 5. Friends
6. Fox News 7. Facebook/Myspace 8. Internet blogs 9. Radio 10. Twitter
11. Candidate websites 12. National Magazines

How much does it concern you that the Democrats have total control of the federal government?
1. Very much   2. Not too much   3. Not a concern   4. No opinion

This ends Section I.

This section was pretty straight forward. They were canvassing information about how “we” acquire information, and perhaps where future monies would be more effectively spent to get a better return on same. In this case a stronger turn out for any given Republican candidate. It would also indicate what would be the best outlets for media to “Republicans (or those leaning toward being Republican) at large. The rest is basic blueprinting on the person the survey was sent to. The cynic in me thinks, depending on how you answered the above, may have some “weight” as to how the rest of this survey is looked at by the “RNC powers that be”. For example, if you were a “Moderate Republican” or “Independent leaning toward Republican”, voted in 2008 and 2006, and are “Very much” concerned about the Democrats having total control of the Federal government … I bet your survey will be passed around to many people at many levels, within the RNC.


General Issues:

Do you think things in this country are generally going in the wrong direction, or do you feel things are starting to improve?
1. Wrong direction    2. Starting to improve   3. Unsure

Please indicate the top three issues that you believe are most important to people in your area.
1. Economy 2. Environment 3. Immigration 4. Government Expansion
5. Federal Spending 6. Energy 7. National Security 8. Protecting Traditional Values
9. Taxes 10. Health Care 11. Foreign Policy 12. Education
13. Social Security 14. State Spending 15. Other

Which political party do you feel is best able to handle each of the following issues?

Chose one of the following for each issue listed on the left hand side:

Republicans     Democrats      No Opinion

War in Iraq/Afghanistan
War on Terror
Health Care
Federal Spending
Social Security
Strong Military
Foreign Policy
Protecting Traditional Values

How do you rate the Obama administration thus far when it comes to dealing with America’s major problems?
1. Approve    2. Disapprove    3. No opinion

How do you rate the Democrat controlled Congress?
1. Approve   2. Disapprove   3. No opinion

End of Section II

Trying to refine which issues are of the most importance to the Republican electorate. The third question in this section, in my opinion, is a loaded question. Most Republicans are going to answer straight down the “Republican column”. As for me, at this point in time, I don’t think either party are “best able to handle” any number of the issues listed. Though I would tend to think the Republicans would hit closer to the mark, it matters little, both parties are unable to even hit the target.


Domestic Issues:

How confident are you that America’s economy will improve in the next six months?
1. Strongly confident   2. Not too confident    3. Somewhat confident   4. Not confident at all   5. No opinion

Which party do you think has the solutions to solve our current economic crisis?
1. Republican   2. Democratic    3. Combination of both   4. No opinion

Which of the following tactics do you feel is most adversely affecting the economy in your area?

1. Burdensome Taxes     2. Severe Government Regulations
3. Unstable Real Estate Market      4. Growth of Government Spending
5. Threat of Terrorism     6. Loss of Jobs     7. Loss of Retirement Value
8. Other

Which of the following is the single most important economic issue facing you and your family?
1. Health Care Costs    2. High Taxes    3. Loss of Retirement/Investment Values
4. Unemployment      5. Inflation/Rising Prices Overall     6. Other

Do you feel that the huge trillion dollar solutions the Democrats have advanced to boost our economy will help or hurt our nation in the long run?
1. Help    2. Hurt    3. No Opinion

Would you like Congress to pass additional tax cuts to further stimulate our nation’s economy?
1. Yes     2. No    3. Undecided

Should Republican candidates in 2010 push for a total reform of our nation’s tax laws that would lmake them more fair and simple?
1. Yes     2. No     3. No Opinion

Do you worry that the Obama Administration is committed to greatly expanding the government’s role in your life?
1. Yes    2. No    3. No Opinion

Are you comfortable with our current levels of government spending?
1. Current levels of spending are okay     2. Spending should be decreased
3. Undecided

Should Republicans do whatever is necessary to keep the Democrats in Congress from enacting government-run healthcare?
1.Yes    2. No    3. No Opinion

Do you think that all Americans should be required to have some form of health insurance even if it requires the federal government to underwrite the costs?
1.Yes    2. No    3. Undecided

Do you trust the Obama Administration to keep America’s borders secure to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country?
1. Yes    2. No    3. No Opinion

Do you believe that global warming is an issue that must be dealt with immediately?
1. Yes     2. No     3. No Opinion

Using the numbers 1 through 5 (with 1 being the top priority) please indicate the policies you support most to address how the U.S. should meet future energy needs:
__Increase drilling in Alaska’s ANWR      __Greater investment in wind/solar power
__More funds for alternative fuels research      __Tap previously unrecoverable oil.
__Build new oil refineries in the U.S.     __Build new nuclear plants in the U.S.
__Expand off-shore drilling                 __Other

Do you believe that Congress must reform the current practice of earmarking or “pork barrel spending” that adds billions of dollars to appropriations bills?
1. Yes     2. No     3. Undecided

Do yo think the Democrat efforts to restore the “Fairness Doctrine” that will destroy conservative talk radio is a violation of free speech?
1. Yes     2. No     3. No Opinion

Do you believe the Republican Party should continue to embrace social issues?
1. Yes     2. No     3. Undecided

If yes, please register your opinion on he following social issues:

__School prayer                      __Faith based initiatives
__Ban burning the flag          __Ban all abortions
__Ban human cloning            __Prohibit homosexual marriage       __Other


Pretty much covers all the “Republican talking points”. Or those potential “hot button” issues put forth by the Progressives/Democrats, which need to be countered. I would have phrased the “multiple choice” questions a bit differently. Instead of “picking this or that” or “ranking your top three choices”, I would have provided enough space for letting you list which are of particular importance to you and more importantly WHY they are important.    The last question in this series does this, as far as allowing you to rank all the distractors, but there is no place in which to amplify on your reasons why, or any “conditions” you might have toward individual issues.

National Defense

Do you believe the Obama Administration is right in dramatically scaling back our nation’s military?
1. Yes     2. No      3. No Opinion

Do you favor or oppose increasing American roop presence in Afghanistan by tens of thousands of soldiers?
1. Yes     2. No      3. No Opinion

Do you trust the Democrats to take all steps necessary to keep our nation secure in this age when terrorists could strike our country at any moment?
1. Yes     2. No     3. No Opinion

Are you concerned about the stability of other key countries in the Middle East – especially Pakistan – and their future as key American allies in the War on Terror?
1. Yes     2. No     3. No Opinion

Do you worry that Russia is moving away from its relationship with the U.S. and trying to re-establish itself as a military and economic superpower?
1. Yes     2. No     3. No Opinion


Again, not bad questions. Indeed some are a reflection of the current administration’s dismal handling of foreign/military affairs. And in almost all cases, I wish there would have been space provided to amplify ones answers, other than the simple “Yes” or “No” (my personal take on “No Opinion” … anyone who uses this for more than one or two total responses (without amplification) should have their ability to partake in the voting franchise revoked until such time as they DO develop the intellectual capacity to have/form an opinion, on any given pertinent issue of the day. But that’s just the kind of knuckle dragging Neanderthal that I am.)

There is a SECTION V, but that is “the money shot”, where you “validate” your census with your signature AND , if so desired, donate to the RNC coffers.

Not to rain too hard on their parade, but if they don’t get back to the original planks/tenants of the Republican Party, AND produce candidates who not only reflect same in their speeches/campaign rhetoric, but if elected, actively carry out the wishes of their constituents and the party platform … well, they ain’t gonna see dime one from yours truly.

As mentioned at the start of this rant, I will be sending this puppy back to them. But I am also curious as to what you all feel about these questions, and what – if any – changes or additions you would have wanted to see on said “census”. The floor is open!!


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