IF we break it, do we get to keep it?

Well I hope all you conservatives and folks of like minds out there are happy now.   It seems in your furvor to “turn yourselves in” (or report on the actions of your fellow travelers),  you went ahead and broke “teh One’s” “Fink Box ™ “.

Does this mean all the alphabet agencies, their monitoring equipment, satellites, and applicable personnel are now all going to have to work overtime to pick up the slack caused by this loss?  Sometimes, “Aiming to Misbehave” can be fun!



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5 responses to “IF we break it, do we get to keep it?

  1. I sent the jerkoff all of my info and also signed him up to a half dozen gay truckers websites.

    Hey, it seemed like the thing to do.

  2. Guy S

    What? You didn’t sign him up for “SNORT” “The former cokeheads journal of current events and coping!” Ahhh well, if the email ever gets back “on line”, I may have to do that myself. Wonder how thick our respective dossiers are at this point in time?

  3. Honestly, I doubt we’ve even made the radar yet. They got bigger mouths to deal with first.

  4. Guy S

    At first blush I would agree with you. But “we” would be much easier “pickens” (All those small yappy gun-toting, bitter, right-winged extremist, town-hall commentating, racists that we are.) than the Levins and the Limbaughs with all their money and influence. Still I could be wrong, seem to recall that I was more than a little optimistic about a certain north side of Chicago NL team, a couple of months back. *Sigh*, there’s always next year!!!

  5. LC Aggie Sith

    Well, they may have taken it down, but they are just asking the snitches to redirect their e-mails to wh[dot]gov[slash]something-or-other.

    Keep sending them fishy e-mails!!!

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