Bits and Pieces from around the net.

Well here it is the middle of the week at the old Harbor, and what is there to comment on?

If you might be thinking I am getting tired talking about the idiots on the other side of the Potomac (at all levels, and branches, of government) you would be correct. It seems with every passing day, we are privvy to new outrages or mutations to old ones foisted upon us. And today is no exception.

Okay, I will indulge you all a bit. With a little “bad thing/good thing”.

Bad Thing:

Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling just NOT in U.S. waters! Hmmm, this is sure going to go a long way in producing/providing jobs in this country. Oh, and help with the rising cost of energy too [/sarc].

Good Thing:

Sarah Palin strikes back!! Now she is unfettered by her duties as the (former) Governor of Alaska, the gloves have well and truly come off. To catch her latest, check out her facebook site.

Bad Thing:
Any legislation coming out of Washington D.C. , especially if it is endorsed by Obama or members of his administration. No links here, these things are out there all over the net. You can start with Health Care, Cap-in-Trade, Cash for Clunkers, for starters.

Good Thing:

The Tea Parties, The Oath Keepers, Citizens speaking out at any number of town hall meetings (excluding the plants by Democrats or those working in league with them).

People are rising up and at the very least voicing their opinions to their elected representatives. Whether or not it will evolve into something more, at some future point in time, remains to be seen. But people are starting to question, and that is at least the start of a good thing.

Guess, I had a bit more in me after all.

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