This was somewhat unexpected …

but here goes. Over at the the “Rott”, the good Emperor offers what might be considered an act of “Christian Charity” toward the family and other intimate friends of the late Senator Kennedy. In that he acknowledges they most certainly are going through some grief and emotional suffering at this time, and as such, his sympathy is with them in their time of morning.
Regardless of the man himself, his family surely had much greater understanding of him, and appreciation for him, then we in the general public would ever be privy to.

Let the living bury their dead. The conservative side of the house would be up in arms if Regan’s being laid to rest was denigrated (at the service). Or if on some future date, the same was done to President Bush. Even in the field of battle there has been many instances of both sides collecting their dead (and wounded) under flag of truce.

I have said my peace about Kennedy in the previous two posts. I care not a wit for the man, his trials and tribulations, his politics, or any policy he claims to have had a hand in (as far as giving him any credit). But I will be the first to come to his families defense should any individual or agency seek to disrupt his being laid to rest, out of respect for the family and their loss. Any one who does so is no better than Fred Phelps and his mentally impaired followers. That is all.


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4 responses to “This was somewhat unexpected …

  1. Cheapshot911

    Emperor Misha draws heavily from his Christian Faith, the very best of it. Period.
    That includes a respect for humanity, borne, I believe, of his long experiences with the inhuman.

    He knows the value of life.

    Christian Charity. Perhaps you’re right.


    That human side and it’s attending HUMAN respect has kept me, a Redneck Atheist, hanging around Tha Rott for years.
    I’ve tasted brimstone, and watched others abuse folks with it.
    Majesty’s brand is Extra Righteous and precisely directed.

    Respect isn’t just a rule. It’s In him.

    By willfully inflicting gratuitous pain on the Senators survivors, he would be abandoning the very morals that built the blog, and shock the Cadre that haunts it.
    Keep reading!

    Thanks for bringing this up, Guy.

  2. Guy S

    Well, Misha strikes me as being an educated man, a man of many passions, as well as one who respects and values reason and logic. It comes as no surprise, he is compassionate to those who warrant same, and “fire-n-brimstone” laced invective toward those lesser beings who infest our world.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by!!

  3. LC Aggie Sith

    I agree wholeheartedly, Guy.

    I do wonder how loved he was, when seeing the family standing there as the casket left the “Compound”, and only his daughter shed tears. No other child or adult expressed grief openly. In fact, some of the young teens looked actually bored. Men usually do not express grief or sorrow openly, but most women do. And the lack of grief was rather odd.

    Maybe I’m just looking at it through a melodramatic Puerto Rican’s eyes 🙂

  4. Guy S

    There is always the chance the Kennedys, being the dysfunctional family they are, (and being as “monied” as they are) are showing their “true colors. The kids care little for the Uncle (or Grandfather) they are more upset that their daily routine is in temporary disarray. YMMV.

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