Unanswered Questions

I have addressed, on more than one occasion, the legitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama as pertains to his eligibility to be the President of the United States. I will state right now, that I believe him to be “a citizen” … even “a native born citizen”.

It is public knowledge, indeed, Obama states in his own biography, his father was a British subject. This alone gives him, until such time as he formally renounces same dual citizenship.

That Obama has seen fit to not make public ANY documentation which would prove otherwise; this is consistent with his (or his handlers) failure to make public (or allow access to) any records and or written work from his time in college, or in the public venue as State (and then Federal) Senator.

But let’s get back to the citizenship status. As mentioned above, I believe he is qualified to be, at the very least, “an American citizen”. And possibly “a native born” citizen. But he is not, nor ever can be, “a natural born” citizen, and thus is not eligible to be POTUS.

However, I don’t expect (or want) you to take my word for it. Please, please, if for no other reason than in having a desire to increase your knowledge and or understanding of the Constitution, what the framers of same intended when they inserted the “natural born citizen” qualification in the list of things one must meet in order to aspire to the Presidency.

Two outstanding places to gain same would be:

Constitutionally Speaking – This site is one of two which appears to be on the forefront of addressing the “natural born citizenship” issue. Lots of references to earlier writings from the founding fathers, Supreme Court justices, and others.

Natural Born Citizen – The “other” site which seeks to not only find (and present) evidence to confirm Obama’s status as being ineligible to hold the office of President (and Commander-in-Chief), but will, (at least this is my understanding, and subject to update, if misinformed) take the case, if enough people are able to gather together in wanting to “go to court” (assuming the hard evidence is there in which to do so). Leo’s site is also rife with references.

Perhaps if we engage in the on going debate in either sites comments, any number of “unanswered questions” regarding Obama will find the light of day. One can only hope.


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2 responses to “Unanswered Questions

  1. LC Aggie Sith

    I am more interested in seeing his passport from 1980. That would explain a lot 😉

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