But, it's for the children!

Or so the Obama administration, and Department of Education would have you believe.

But let’s think about this for a moment, shall we.

1. This is the first time a President has taken the time to expressly speak to the nation’s children, “en mass”. The technology has existed for this to have happened since at least Herbert Hoover, only at this time in our history is this ability being taken advantage of. My first question is, “Why now?”

2. From all indications, and information available, this “speech” is to be about the importance of education, of staying in school, and doing the very best you can while there. Again, I ask, “Why?” and “Why now?”. Is there something radically wrong with the education system which wasn’t wrong before Obama assumed office? Is there some new information on how to fix same which entails talking directly with our children, while they are in class, which at the very least could not have been done that evening over the public airwaves?

I think, based on the mans past actions, past history, and personality (along with the ideas and ideals of his administration, advisers, and fellow travelers) this speech, as innocent and innocuous as it may be, is being done for a number of reasons.

1. It allows Obama to establish “rapport” with a majority of children, in a relatively controlled environment, with this first speech. It sets a precedence, a friendly familiar presence.

2. The above being done. A number of parents (and teachers) will have their guard down, the next time (and anytime there after) Obama feels the need to “address the students of the nation”. And maybe not the second time, but likely the third of fourth, he will be doing what he can to “indoctrinate”.

3. Control (or access to) of the minds of the next generations is where rebellion and contrary views to the established “norm” is most effectively stifled. The Communists/Fascists/Despots around the world, know, understand, and use this to their greatest advantage. Obama is no exception to this.

Bottom line, do you feel comfortable with the Federal Government (regardless of who is in power) coming into you child’s classroom, for whatever reason? (Yes, I know, they have made their presence felt in any number of other ways, but that is a topic of discussion for another time.)

It would appear a number of parents from across the country have some serious reservations about this event taking place. They are either going to make an effort to be in their children’s classroom while the speech (and applicable pre and post discussion goes on in the class) or they are pulling their kids out of school for that day. They “get it”.

Apparently, Scott Ferguson, spokesman for Sarasota County Florida schools, is not quite as clear on this concept.

“As I understand, the message is about education and its importance, studying
hard and getting the school year off to a strong start,” Ferguson said. “But some people just object to the idea of the president, or this particular president, speaking directly to students — that that’s somehow inappropriate.”

Source: Herald Tribune

Why Scott, Yes, yes it is !


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