Man without a clue, to speak with the nation's children

It appears the text of the much ballyhooed speech President Obama is giving to the students (across the country) has finally made it’s way to the public.

On the whole, it seems pretty much like something any other past President would have said. Stay in school, do your best, listen to the wisdom of teachers, parents, other adults, when they “advise you” to study hard, do your homework, and be the best you can be.

But the real issue here is not so much the speech itself, as far as the content goes, it is rather vanilla; anyone could have given it. Of much greater importance is when, and to whom it is being addressed. Had the President given this same speech, say after the typical “dinner hour”, addressing the country when parents and children could view same in the comfort of their home, where there could exist the chance of parents reinforcing what was being said, or promoting some sort of debate/inter-action with their kids, over the main points of the speech; than this whole issue would have been avoided.

Given the man’s track record with advancing socialist ideals and ideas in the school room, while he was part of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and seeming to constantly associate with those whose ideas and ideals are at best considered “radical”, if not diametrically opposed to those held by the majority of Americans (specifically, American parents), you have to wonder if there is more to this precedent being set. (Yes, other Presidents have visited schools, and have talked with individual groups of students, but nothing was ever done on the scale or scope the current President is establishing.)

If this is to be a one time event, judging by the content of the speech, than over all no harm, no foul. But if this is (or, given the negative publicity already generated, was) the first of many such speeches to the children, with future “talks” being perhaps, of a more indoctrinating nature, in style and substance, than all bets are off.

To quote David Hedrick, parent and Marine extraordinaire, “Stay away from my kids!!”



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2 responses to “Man without a clue, to speak with the nation's children

  1. kevin

    i like your blog, but when you start criticizing a president for inspiring children to achieve and set goals, you lose credibility. i don’t like obama’s policies, but this is his greatest strength. you should be thrilled anytime any president addresses the nation’s kids and challenges them to achieve. you sound like you’re just mad at obama, and that doesn’t advance the conservative agenda. it makes the intellectual conservative movement and the hillbilly conservative movement seem like one and the same.

  2. Guy S


    First off, I would have responded sooner, but had to go do that work thing.

    Your first comment about criticizing the president, and losing credibility? Perhaps you need to re-read the post. I found no major fault with his speech in and of itself. Indeed, it was about as vanilla as one could write. Now if you are addressing my concerns about the President, any President, from any party, addressing the students of this country … no, let’s be perfectly clear here, he was attempting to speak with all the nation’s children (pre-school thru 12th grade). Had his speech been restricted to an immediate presentation at any given school, than a more honest argument may have been made, that all he was interested in doing was voicing his feelings/concerns about education, using “school A” as a convenient back drop. That his speech was always designed to be broadcast (over cable and otherwise) live to as many of the children in this country as possible, while they were in an environment which allowed him to have the greatest impact his authority and ideology could bring to bear (if so desired), is not a good precedent to set.

    His track record to date (including his campaigning for the Presidency) has shown him to be not only reckless in his regard to the constitution, but in his marked ability to surround himself with (both in the past and present) individuals who hold views extremely radical to those ideas, ideals, and tenants in which this country is based upon. In short, his actions tend to make one a bit uneasy in having their kids exposed to most anything his puts forth.

    So yes, I am going to criticize him, long and loudly, until such time as he can prove his intentions are other than those which are anything but favorable toward this country, it’s constitution, and it’s peoples. Including what can certainly be looked at as ground work being laid which could possibly lead to (at leas an attempt at) the indoctrination of the nations youth.

    “you sound like you’re just mad at obama …”

    No, I am not mad at him. I don’t personally know the man, so I can hardly be mad at him. Am I upset with what he is doing, has done, and is trying to do to this country? You betcha!

    What doesn’t advance the “conservative agenda”? Finding fault with the way in which he advances his thoughts (in this case to the children)? I offered what could have been a very good way in which to present this same speech. A way which would have allowed him to say the very same things, and (one would hope) have parental reinforcement of the very things he was talking about. This would have validated his points, and maybe even made some inroads into the very divided voting public. But he chose instead to do it … well the way he did. Which goes to the real point I was making with the post. This hue and cry across the country from parents and others is not about the speech, it is about control. Control is something which Obama is deeply enraptured with. (As are most of the senior political types of both parties.

    And because I am feeling generous, I won’t even address your last comment about conservatives. Also, I spent a bit of time responding to you only because I wanted to restate and amplify some of my thoughts. You would do well in the future to be specific in your criticism and offer evidence to back said statements up. Starting your thoughts with capital letters would also help, my eyesight is bad enough with out having to figure out where one sentence ends and another begins.
    (as an example, “i don’t like obama’s policies, but this is his greatest strength.” What is his greatest strength? Talking to children? In and of itself an admirable quality to be sure, but hardly one which would qualify an individual to be President. Or were you referring to his (supposed) oratorical skills? I would suggest you listen to the fella almost anytime he is without a TelePrompTer, the man has no skills along these lines. Though he does have the same ability a television newscaster has, that of sounding good while reading what someone else wrote.)

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