Remember the "real reason" for this day … Never Forget!!

I thought about posting a major length work on today.

But my heart and soul are not in it.

Eight years ago, we were attacked. Attacked by agents of those who not only seek to rid the world of Western Civilization and culture, but replace it with what can only be called, in the most generous terms, a cult. A cult of hate, a cult of Death. If they are ever successful the result would make the Dark Ages seem like the height of reason and enlightenment, by comparison.

At that time we committed ourselves to engaging in battle with the most extreme factions of that cult. It was to be a “War on Terror”. And even when our President had every right to do so, to strike ten-thousand fold, back at the core, back at the “cult of Death”, knowing he would have had as close to a complete backing of the American people as one could ever hope for in this day and age, he chose to limit our response. To seek as humane a way as possible to deal with this culture so alien from our own. While I can admire his intent, I had deep concerns we were going to set ourselves up for a fal, at some future point in time.

Now, eight years later, we have a President, who is not worthy of that title, let alone that of “Commander-in-Chief”, who has abolished the word “terrorist” from being used to describe who and what we are dealing with. Obama has attempted to get rid of the camp set up for holding terrorist suspects, agents, and other bad actors, who had been engaged in acts of war. ( That we haven’t had a military tribunal set up to adjudicate, sentence, and either send home or hang the “detainees”, is beyond me.) And he has been steadly heading toward treating this whole engagement as something of a leagal issue, vice a military action.

Now, Obama wants to designate today, September 11, as a day promoting conservation, the environment, of “being green”. Turning it from a day of remembrance, to something of a different cloth altogether. If such a thing is allowed to go on unchecked, and unanswered, than perhaps we deserve to be ground under the heel of some master or cult, for we will not be deserving of the Representative Republic our Founding Fathers gave birth to 230 some odd years ago. That which was allowed to grow and prosper due to those American’s who gave their blood, sweat, tears, their “last full measure of devotion”, in order that we may have and continue to enjoy those freedoms which in short order may be completely stripped from us.

Never Forget!!

God Bless Our Men and Women in Uniform, fighting the good fight. And God Bless America!!



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2 responses to “Remember the "real reason" for this day … Never Forget!!

  1. Came here thru the great Neptunus Lex. Good stuff and well-said.

    I will never forget for all the right reasons and one very personal one – the daughter of old friends was on Flight 11. For Heather Lee Smith and the 2,995 other victims of this slaughter, I will never forget.

    We need to always bring it to them, wherever they are hiding. And I fear that philosophy has ended with the current president. P.BO is an appeaser a’la Jimmy Carter – and we know how that turned out.

  2. Guy S

    Thanks for stopping by Kris,

    What is really sad, is Carter, for all his faults, honestly believed in his heart, thought appealing to man’s better nature was the way to go. Sadly, (for him and us) the world doesn’t look through the same eyes, some are evil, and others are at the very least are enablers of same.

    Obama, has no claim to a higher moral ground, in his dealing with those who advance the cause of Islam. Indeed, there is every reason to believe he is at least tacitly approving of their cult. In short, if not evil himself, he willingly allows for evil to advance it’s agenda throughout the world.

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