Due Diligence, what a concept!

Wondering over to Gates of Vienna, earlier tonight I was greeted with this.

Now I admit I had heard about this story last month when it first made news. At that time, with the news reports of Rifqa Bary having disappeared, I thought , sad as it seems, her body would turn up in short order, and there would be the potential for yet another “honor killing” at the hands of one or more “peaceful followers of islam ™ “. (I refuse to capitalize it, sorry ’bout that … NOT.)

Amazingly enough Miss Bary turned up alive and well in Florida. And from there, the story takes off in a tale of either a little girl who was going to get her way even if she has to bend the truth to get it. Or one of a courageous young lady in justifiable fear for her life.

According to documentation made public by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), CAIR (no I am not going to link to those asshats), Miss Bary’s parents, and brother, all claim she will be treated with kindness if she only returns to their home in Ohio. Further more, her father claims, she will be “allowed” to practice her new found Christian faith without reprisal.

On the face of it, this sounds like Miss Bary has created a “tempest in a tea pot”. However, John D. Guandolo, a 12 ½ year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, writing for The Center For Security Policy, takes a look at said document. His analysis raises more than a question or two, ending with a list of logical statements:

* There are requirements in Islamic Law regarding someone who deserts Islam
* The Muslim Brotherhood’s objective is the implementation of Islamic Law in the United States
* Rifqa Bary has left Islam and become a Christian
* Rifqa Bary has made statements to FDLE officials and others that her parents have threatened to kill her because she has left Islam
* The Bary’s appear to be adherent to Islamic Law
* The Bary’s appear at an interview with two Muslim Brotherhood representatives doing business as CAIR, a group known to be hostile towards the United States which is also an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S. history
* The Muslim Brotherhood supports the killing of Muslims who publicly leave Islam

Source: Center for Security Policy

The above would suggest the FDLE’s investigation would appear to be somewhat lacking in applying proper “due diligence” in their investigation of “the facts”, in regards to all the people, players, and agencies involved in this case. Miss Bary may, or may not, have an agenda of her own. Painting her family, their religion, and others, as she has, may be nothing more than her trying to achieve her desires, at their expense. But by failing to properly address all the parties involved, including the tenants of her parents “faith”, the mosque (the environment) in which they practice same, and Islamic agents which have agendas of their own, is bordering on neglect.

Better, to err on the side of too much caution, than to take statements made by those who follow a “cult of death” at face value. Yes, what we appear to have here is a classic case “He said, she said”, with (at least at the time of this posting) no real hard evidence on hand to support either side of this argument. If the state of Florida, via the FDLE, is sincerely interested in not only “the truth”, but in securing a just and proper resolution to this situation, than it would behoove them to take the time and effort to “re-investigate” ALL avenues, agencies, and players. Anything less, not only (quite possibly) puts Miss Bary’s life at risk, but gives (at least temporarily) Islam a propaganda coup.



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4 responses to “Due Diligence, what a concept!

  1. If she wants to stay alive, she’ll stay away. Just that simple.
    I trust Muslims about like I’d trust a Vega on a long road trip.
    Not gonna happen cause I know better.

  2. Guy S

    I agree Dick. Based on their own theocratic guidelines, it is quite permissible to either outright lie, or at least willfully commit the “sin of omission”, in telling “half truths”. I would sooner trust Obama than a Islamist … oh wait … the annoying one attended a madras for at least a couple of years. Guess, that is why he is so good at bending the truth in so many ways, shapes, and forms (or ignoring it outright). Never mind.

  3. She goes back, she’s dead. That simple. Short and sweet.

  4. Guy S

    I think she would be “safe” for up to a year or so, than “poof” … or until her parents and or the local Iman are sure the public eye(s) are elsewhere, than she will disappear, this time for good.

    One wonders why, she just didn’t go the emancipation route, get herself declared an adult, and be done with it. And if this wasn’t (isn’t) an option, perhaps the case can be dragged on long enough with appeals, for her to reach her 18th birthday, then there is no longer a problem.

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