Random Notes, and a thank you.

Haven’t posted in over a week. Work, familial duties, other items demanding of my time, are all parts of the reason for not putting digital pen to electric paper, but the biggest is, I was getting a bit numbed out. The daily stream of fecal matter being spewed by the “mainstream media”, any and all legislators from both houses, the administration, and last but not least, the Usurper-in Chief, is almost too much to absorb. Despite, their attempts to change the color, texture, and smell, it is at the end of the day, still fecal matter.

Life goes on.

My sweetieheart has always been opinionated. She has, as a rule, been of a conservative nature, but was not a member of any particular political party. A bright, intelligent, passionate person. Deb has come to the conclusion things really are as bad (and getting worse) as I have been saying they are. That this country is at serious risk of being torn asunder (figuratively and literally).

We have discussions. Oh boy, do we have discussions! That we are both opinionated people (Okay, decidedly stubborn, and rather fixed in our ways.), goes without saying around here. (Plus, the boys get a heaping helping of political discourse, in very colorful language at times, while inhaling their evening meal.) And she has modified my view of some things. On others, though we may continue to have some differences of opinion, she at least gets me to think about what was said, and even check on the validity of my own positions. One can’t ask for much better than that from their partner. Thank you for being all that you are. And though it sometimes appears I don’t take what you say on board, fact is, I do.

More later (perhaps after work), as the muse strikes. There are a couple of things on the back burner, we shall see what happens.



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3 responses to “Random Notes, and a thank you.

  1. Sounds like we’re married to the same woman. How’d that happen?

  2. Guy S

    Well, being we are talking about a woman, and they are expert at multi-tasking, perhaps we are!

    And that she is able to put up with all of our collective bs, it’s a wonder she hasn’t gone postal yet.

    Seriously, we are a couple of lucky fellas at that!

  3. Deb S.

    Hey, could one of you fellers clean out the bathroom sink? I’m gonna go mail something.


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