As much as I hate to admit it …

… Madam (I apologize in advance, to all the “real” madams out there, whose “houses” are in much better fiscal shape.) Speaker of the House, Nancy “Stretch” Pelosi actually got something close to correct, when she said the following:

“From our perspective, we won last night, … From our standpoint, we picked up votes last night, one in California and one in New York.”


Yes, we did gain two more Republican Governors. Good news to be sure. But Governors are not setting members of either the Senate or Congress, and that’s were we needed to pick up a seat (possibly two). If nothing else, it would have stood as a clear and undeniable message to that body of plutocrats and self-styled American Aristocracy:

“We are well and truly tired of your business as usual. Your blatant disregard to the Constitution, and your responsibilities to the American People who placed you in the positions you currently occupy, must end here and now. Consider this your one and only ‘Shot across the bow’, for if this does not change, come 2010, there will be as many of you removed as is possible.”

Because this did not happen, particularly in the race for the 23 district seat in New York State, they will continue to bend, fold, spindle, and mutilate the truth to suit their own ends. Meanwhile, those of a more conservative nature, and those still holding true to the Constitution as their basis for the governance of this nation, are going to have to (continue to) fight all that much harder in order to prevent the repeated attempts to tear this country apart, at least until the primaries are underway for next Novembers races.

Putting it another way, we may have won a couple of the battles, but we did NOT win the war. At least not yet.


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