Barbarians in our midst

May all who fell today find peace. It was far too soon for them to go. May their families, loved ones, and friends find the strength and courage to carry on.

May more eyes be opened to the evil inherent to the cult of Islam. Though not all followers of this malignant mockery of spiritual enlightenment, are in and of themselves evil, the very nature and core of their belief hold the seeds not only to willingly embrace most (if not all) the darkest aspects of human nature, it sooner or later, all but demands one does so.

To those still alive, who “took up the sword” in the name of Allah today at Fort Hood, be placed in front of a Courts Martial and subsequent firing squad, to arrive at that same special place in Hell, Major Hasan now resides at. That one place reserved for those who violate their oath, an oath freely taken, under no duress. That one place set aside for those so cowardly in their actions and deeds, that the kindest title which may be bestowed upon them is Traitor.



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5 responses to “Barbarians in our midst

  1. Lloyd Daub

    Alas, the alleged Moslem terrorist murderer is still alive. The Left’s new Mumia lives on.

    Moslem terrorist? It’s not ‘profiling’ if it’s true.

    I’d love to read your take on President Obama’s remarks on the tragedy.

  2. Guy S

    That he said something about this in a much more timely manner, than when last one of the nation’s heroic fallen were not addressed before 3 days had passed, is as close to an “atta boy” as the Usurper – in – Chief is going to get out of me.

    That it was sandwiched between a “shout out” to one of his “peeps”, and other “fluff”, was annoying at best, and flat out disingenuous / disrespectful at worst (the latter probably being closer to the truth). It was filled with more “I’s” than an over ripe potato, and once again provided proof as to not only Obama’s “content of character” (or startling lack thereof) but his narcissistic state of being as well. I can only imagine Mussolini, somewhere in the seventh circle of Hell, shaking his head sadly, thinking that even he had more class and political acumen then this poseur.

  3. Did my last one get picked up as spam because it was so short and included on this link?

  4. That last one was mild compared to this:

  5. Guy S


    You are correct in assuming the first was “dumped” as spam. And as long as you submitted it again, can’t see the need for the original to come back.

    Thank you for both video inputs. You are right, the first is disconcerting enough. The second sent the blood pressure to the stratosphere. I am not sure which made me more upset, the yout spouting out all the islamic trash talk, or that any number of folks were accepting the handouts. Hmmmm wonder if one could have tested the axiom that his right to free speech stops right at about the end of my fist?

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