A Guide to the Barbarians

The barbarians are well and truly inside the gates. They are in our midst, at all levels of society and government. They are a mix of all racial, ethnic, cultures, and genders. They are young and old. They are of a number of political points of view, and ideologies. They are even of differing religious viewpoints (or no religion at all). But they all want one thing at the end of the day, and that is the total and complete destruction of not only this country, but of Western civilization as we know it.

Let’s take a look at them.

The Liberal/Progressive:
They long for the state to take control of what would have been considered their responsibility(s), not so many years ago. Provide for ones safety in their home and at work … let the government do it via more laws/regulations and agents/agencies to police same. They want to be able to “do their own thing”, but have deep concerns/reservations about YOU being allowed to do the same (especially if it is in conflict with their own thoughts, ideas, or ways of doing things). In short, they want to be taken care of “from cradle to grave”, and the government is just the ticket for doing so.

The Socialist/Communist:
This is the “Liberal/Progressive” in their more advanced form. Though in some cases, they can be found to have bypassed the first stage altogether. They make no bones about the State taking care of you from cradle to grave. They also want the State to run (or have a major hand in running) every aspect of commerce and finance. When applicable they will control the spiritual aspects of ones life as well. This usually ends up with all forms of religion being outlawed or banned. The State is your God.

The Anarchist:
To be fair, there are a number of varieties of this particular species from the body politic. Not all are malignant. Some only wish to be “left alone”, unfettered by governmental intrusion. They have no desire to control the lives or livelihood of anyone else. This particular strain of Anarchist is not what we are addressing here.

No, the ones we seek are those who would seek to abolish all but the most local (tribal works here) of governance, with even that subject to (internal) monitoring. To that end of abolishing “the state” they will talk a great deal. The discussion usually consists of such phrases as “taking it to the man”, “down with the corporation”, and the occasional “Frodo Lives”. Usually, this group tends to co-exist at some level with another small but annoying group, The Eco-terrorist.

The Eco-Terrorist:
This bit of annoyance is similar to the malignant form(s) of the Anarchist. Indeed, many of their chants are the same. They will almost always be vegan, and will slam on their brakes (of their Prius or Yugo) in order to avoid hitting the tree rat crossing the road, ignoring the ten car pile-up they created, just behind them. Yet, have no concern in occupying a handicap parking spot in front of “Trader Joe’s”. If it were not for their ability to lay massive amounts of misplaced guilt on the “Liberals/Progressives”, thus getting some rather annoying legislation passed over the years, they would be little more than vegetarian Anarchists.

The Moderate:
Otherwise known as the fella who still has his mother picking up his underwear for him at Wal-Mart. The male moderate considers taking a date to the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, the height of risque entertainment. The moderate gal finds the Oprah book club to be the pinnacle of intellectual literary achievement. … Or than again, maybe not. The bottom line is, they can’t make a decision or a choice on their own. And if they do, it is of such little consequence as to be a moot point. On the rare occasion they eventually make a choice of some importance (at least to them), the amount of time and effort involved makes the final choice seem almost anti-climatic. Fence sitting to them is high art.

The Victim:
Another sub class of “Liberal/Progressive, but not restricted to them, as they can be found in almost all of the above groups. They are different from “real victims”, in that what ever caused them to be in this state or status, usually no longer exists. (Or exists in such small degree, they could shed the chains of victim hood much as one would break through paper chains.) Favorite rallying cries, in any argument (in which they are usually loosing) are; “racist”, “homophobe”, “misogynist”, “hater”, and the list goes on and on. It should be noted, without this sub group(s), the “Liberal/Progressives” would be very much smaller in size (and they know it).

A sub set of “The Moderate”, and even the “Liberal/Progressive” in some cases; the RINO uses camouflage to try and disguise their true nature. Much like the urbanite who frequents “Eddie-Bauer”, in order to appear more “rustic”, the RINO affects a more conservative posture on the outside, while harboring any number of liberal social or political stances on the inside. Easily removed from the political scene by having the base of the Republican party, in any given ward, district, or state, return it’s branch of the GOP to it’s original party platform (and planks).

This guide is just an introduction to the various critters out there. Feel free to add more “sightings” in the comments. As we gain greater knowledge of what exists out in the “Political Wild Kingdom”, we will better enable ourselves in finding ways to deal with those who pose the greatest concern.


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One response to “A Guide to the Barbarians

  1. Nicely done.

    Wolves come both as themselves and in a variety of sheepskins. It was warned too in I Samuel, but to little avail.

    I wish you better luck.

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