PC or not PC

There was the incident at Ft Hood, where a young Army psychiatrist “snapped” (perhaps due to “the hateful taunts from his peers or the stress of following “a more submissive faith”, but who really knows …) killing err … “dispatching a number of fellow members of the military to an alternate plane of existence”, disabling many more.

Then there is our on going “aggressive stance” in the War on Terror hmmmm, “deliberate actions against maladjusted malcontents who are adherents to the religion of peace”. Yeah, that sounds so much better and even handed doesn’t it?

Closer to home we have those who practice “alternate life styles”, expressing a strong desire to be able to “bond in a ceremony traditionally accorded exclusively to two individuals of opposite gender.” Any honest debate or discussion “hate-filled rhetoric” should, of course, be immediately derided and dismissed from public discourse.

This same line of reasoning is equally applied to Global Warming and associated fabrications ahhh … “Climate Change and the interchange of peer reviewed electronic text and enhanced documentation”. (Though on this particular item, it appears the curtain has been pulled back enough to expose the charlatans for who and what they really are. At least the opportunity is there to do so, whether or not this is followed up on is something for another day.)

Remember back when we used words which meant exactly what was intended? When, for example, some one lied, they were (surprise!!), if found out, called a liar! There were no “weasel words” used. You used to live (and sometimes died) by what you said. Now there is an increasing loss of clarity, black and white fading into a misty gray fog. When this is done to the innocuous (dumb blonds are “really” ‘intellectually challenged individuals of a lighter hair color’) perhaps it can be shrugged off. But when there are those who seek to not only remove our way of life, our culture, from the face of the earth, along with our very civilization and words are twisted to make this cancer appear to be anything but what it really is; than we do so at our peril.

Perhaps this video by Andrew Klavan properly brings home this point.



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5 responses to “PC or not PC

  1. This is a constant battle I have with my kids, and with the schools, as well. The blurring of black and white into gray is dangerous. Witness the “balme game” over 9?11: “We deserved it because we didn’t reach out to understand them, and they struck because they didn’t know how to speak to us.”

    Sorry, that won’t work anymore. We had better stop with political correctness before it ends up serving to kill us off.

  2. Ack….meant “blame game”, not “balme game”.

    Though a game with balm sounds….interesting. 😀

  3. Guy S

    It is a constant battle with those who push “diversity”, political correctness, and multiculturalism. Add to this, the general “dumbing down” of the kids, along with the Ritalin pushers … err school nurses and “concerned educators” wanting to medicate the children (especially the boys), it is a wonder the majority of folks are not homeschooling their kids. (At least until high school.)

    Hmmmm balm games …. has possibilities … assuming we are NOT talking about “Ben-Gay”.

  4. I’ll raise you one….. my niece was kept from attending the school on base, because the TEACHER made the diagnosis that my niece needed Ritalin. Not the nurse, not a doctor, but the teacher. My BIL raised a stink over that, and eventually the policy was changed. Still, this happened on a military base, and that alone should have set alarm bells off.

    Ben-Gay??? Oh, HELL NO!!!!


  5. Guy S

    He must have been pretty diplomatic, had that happened to me (or my kids), I am afraid I would probably ended up at “Captain’s Mast” (the Navy’s version of Non-judicial Punishment). Don’t get Deb started on the Ritalin at schools thing, she (and justifiably so) is even higher and farther to the right than I am.

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