A Pearl Harbor Mindset.

Sixty-eight years ago. Were you alive back then? If so, where were you. Do you remember?

If your parents are old enough, they remember. Most certainly your grandparents and others of that generation do.

I was born some 14 years after this date. But my parents, aunts and uncles, and grandparents, passed on the importance, the significance, of the day. Even the media, television and radio, were still uncorrupted enough to remind folks of what transpired, and who were the perpetrators of said events.

My question, on this day of remembrance … will future generations remember “our” Pearl Harbor; 15 years, 19 years, 50 years, 68 years from now?

Much as generations before us had a singular mindset in their reaction to, and in their resolve in addressing “a day which will live in infamy”, we should be of like mind. Take heed and learn from those who have been here before. Take down the pastel colors of political correctness, remove the rose colored glasses of diversity, and if only to provide the respect and recognition toward “the greatest generation” they are most deserving of, remember well Pearl Harbor, so we can better understand and acknowledge how to remember September 11th as well.


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2 responses to “A Pearl Harbor Mindset.

  1. My dad was 9 years old, and he remembers coming back from getting eggs down the street from a vendor, and hearing the breaking news. He heard the actual broadcast years later, after he learned English, but he remembers the newscaster crying as he described what had happened that fateful day. He told me that even now, the newscast was far more poignant than FDR, because it was so emotional.

    As for me, I make sure to educate the kids on the terrorism perpetrated on 9/11. I shall make sure they never, ever forget.

  2. Guy S

    I have no doubt you (and those we associate with via real life and the net) will be passing along what really needs to be passed on, to the next generation. The two boys still under the roof here, are getting programed … emmm indoctrinated … err, EDUCATED ! (yeah, that’s the ticket) as to what is going on in this country, what the constitution is (and what it is really about), and to be well aware of whom are enemies are both here and abroad.

    As to remembering Pearl Harbor. My folks were in their teens, and they both remembered it well. Had a couple of uncles and a great uncle who were in the War. And yes, the day will always be remembered here, as will September 11th.

    As an aside, my one uncle, who was a Marine, and saw service island hopping in the Pacific during WWII, to this day, will not buy a Japanese car or truck.

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