Go NAVY, Beat Army!

It used to be no matter how bad the season, as long as you beat Army in the annual face-off between these rival services, you would live to see another year of coaching. But Navy, over the past few years has made it to a number of post season bowl games, and I wonder if this is still altogether true.

In any case, today is the day for that yearly match-up, and it should be a good game. Army has a very respectable defense, and Navy’s triple threat offense is nothing to sneeze at either.

Update: The score at the beginning of the second quarter. Army 3, Navy 0

And as fate would have it, I have to head to work (no radios allowed). Hope the remainder of the game turns things around.

Go Navy!!! Beat Army!!!


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9 responses to “Go NAVY, Beat Army!

  1. Yeah, yeah….Navy still beat Army, and they are going to a Bowl.



  2. Guy S

    Why Aggie! I didn’t know you leaned toward Army green vice Navy blue. And even though, with nine consecutive wins by the Midshipmen, it is starting to look like a trend is developing, Army’s respected defense against Navy’s multi-threat offense promised to be a potentially interesting game (Though the score was considerably lower, for both sides than I would have suspected.).

    Unless you had some “side bets” going on between friends and or family, this too shall pass, and there is always next year. And if nothing else, you know how this old Cubs and Bears fan feels year in and year out!

  3. Well, I am an Army wife, after all 😉

    And of course I know how you feel….I AM AN AGGIE!!!!


  4. Guy S

    hehehe, at least I don’t have to put up with Cubs or Bears jokes *grin*. And despite all the joking, Texas A&M is one outstanding institution (and the “Aggie networking” between grads and other alum is supposedly legionary). Didn’t know (or recall) your hubby was Army, considering all that is going on here at home and abroad, surprised he isn’t blogging along with you. As it is, there must be some interesting conversations going on at your end.

  5. Navy creams Army, every stinkin’ time. Nothing less is expected.
    But we can dig better foxholes! So there!

  6. Guy S

    Actually, the overall series is only about 6 games apart, with Navy having the lead right at the moment. I have no doubt that at some future point in time, the scales will tip in the other direction. (Especially if the Marines ever get their own service academy, than we will be SOL in getting decent linemen. *grin*)

  7. Guy, we are NOT alums. We are FORMER STUDENTS. 😀

    And hubby would never blog. That’s why he has me doing it 😉

  8. I know this post is over two year’s old, but I like it. I went to my first Army/NAVY game in December, 2010. What an experience; what a special game.

    GO NAVY!!!! BEAT Army!!!!

    • Dale,

      “Go Navy!!! Beat Army!!!” Is always spoken here, and in “real life” as well. My father in law did a tour with the Army, back in the 50’s. The Army/Navy game is aways viewed here with much anticipation, beer, and good natured ribbing.

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