Normally, this would be the time of year to put aside thoughts pertaining to politics, specific acts or actions of those with evil on their minds or in their hearts, and other secular items not considered part and parcel of the season.

This would be the time to reflect and rejoice in the most special and divine gift bestowed upon all mankind, by a loving and gracious Father. Even those who profess to be agnostic or atheist, are able (if they so choose) to pause and reflect on the more noble and honorable aspects of the human condition, perhaps to be of a mind to improve the lot of their fellow man, by willingly embracing the (proper) spirit of the season.

Sadly, those in positions of power, not only at the national level, but world wide, are seemingly of like minds in taking steps toward the polar opposite of the seasonal ideals, those of “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward (All) Men”. They would use this time of celebration, time taken away from the works and world of men, to work toward bringing about legislation and laws which would, when all is said and done, set the stage for anything but “Peace on Earth”. Most certainly their actions, at least as viewed by those with any amount of reasoning ability or rational thinking, fall far short of promoting “Good Will Toward Men”. They seek, under the cover of the season – with men of good will looking the other way – to take the necessary action(s) which , in their minds will:

Seal the fate of this country
Set the stage for their complete take over of the reigns of power, no longer beholding to the “will of the people”.
Allow for the public admission that the Constitution as written is nothing more than (a best) “a guideline”, to be followed (if at all) as political expediency may dictate. That this Nation’s “rule of law” is suborned to those laws and ideals as set forth by “the world court” or such agents or agencies controlled by “a world body of governance”.

I could find, and provide links to any and all of the above. But you (who stop by here) have most likely already read them yourself, if not have linked and commented on same.

If you think the “Health Care” legislation proposed by the Congress and or Senate is about health care, think again, it is about nothing more than power and control.

If you think “Cap and Trade” is about taking care of, and control of the world wide levels of pollution and placing “responsibility” on those who are most egregiously impacting the environment, think again, it is about money, control, and power.

If you think publicly (let alone what may be happening “behind closed doors”) suborning American interests, and American will (to affect positive military and political balance through out the world), to the interests and “wills” of other nation-states/governments, is only about “correcting past injustices”, or allowing for “a world wide level playing field”, think again, power, money, and control, are at the heart of the matter.

If all the above is allowed to go unchecked, allowed to continue – even at a slower “RINO like” pace – we are, as a people, as a culture, as a nation, doomed.

Depending on what transpires over the next month or two, we may even be too late in bringing about change via the ballot box, starting with the mid-term elections in 2010.

To this end, remember the reason for the season. The celebration of the birth of he who ultimately became the ransom for all mankind. That when mankind’s fate appeared to be all but sealed, all falling short, destined for an eternity of enslavement to the debauchery of demons, the Son of God as man, check and mated the designs of Evil.

It is His birth, and the hope it allows to spring forth, which men of good will might well want to remember. For despite all which is wrong, in this country, and in the world at large … despite all the evil which men do or are commiting themselves to do. There is still hope.

I am of a firm belief this country was, at some level, brought about by divine providence. That the minds of men were, if not directly controlled, were benefited from divine inspiration. This being the case, it is hard to believe, as long as there are men of sound mind and free will in this great land, that we would willingly be brought under the twin yokes of tyranny and oppression.

As our spiritual ransom came with a price. Can we as free men not (if such a time comes) be willing to emulate He who paid the price for our spiritual freedom, in paying the price for our physical (and political) freedom here on earth? I’ll be honest, I would, if there was a right and proper choice, rather take another route. It scares me. But better to die a free man, than to live in chains. I will stand, I will fight, I will to the best of my ability, honor that oath; “To defend and protect the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

What say you?



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5 responses to “Ransoms

  1. Aye my brother! We will do what must be done, as did our Forefathers.

  2. And a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “Peace on Earth”??? Only if by “Peace” you mean “submission”, just as Islam does. Seems to me that the progressives are using the tenets of Islam in secular ways to achieve the same goal: acceptance, taxation or death. Sometimes I believe the progressives and the Islamofascists will end up fighting each other, with the rest of us stuck in the middle.

    Peace on Earth…..really, they want to spell it P-I-E-C-E, just like Hitler did.

  4. Guy S

    Aggie, either you missed my point, or more likely I failed to make it properly (or misspelled something – not that, that, ever hapens here). What I was attempting to say was those who bear ill will, both from within and without this country do everything BUT honor the spirit of the season, that of “Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward ALL Men”.

    And yes, they would very much like a piece of Earth … as large a piece as possible.

  5. Yes, you are right, Guy….I seemed to have misread it somewhat, and I agree with your assessment.

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