I know exactly how he feels

There is commentary from NOW and other liberal outlets, about the ad CBS allowed to run for the upcoming Super Bowl, done by Tim Tebow and his mother. That all these folks profess to be “pro choice” when they are anything but, is an understatement of monumental proportions.

Personally, I think that “choice” should be up to the individual (and kept at the state level btw), their own conscience, and/or the deity of their choosing. (This is also assuming we are talking about something done within the first month or so after conception, but that is a topic for another day.) Now let’s be serious about it. Real choice should be exactly that, allowing an individual, after having all the facts given to them, about the positive and negative outcomes of any option taken, being allowed to freely make their own intelligent decision, based on those facts.

Sounds like that is what Tebow’s mom did all those years ago. And so did another, much less famous, but just as heroic woman. Her story is here. And yes, I know exactly how Tim Tebow feels.


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One response to “I know exactly how he feels

  1. That was awesome, Guy. Made me cry. I asked my niece what being “pro-choice” meant. She said it meant that you were for abortion. I asked her what if the woman “chooses” to keep the baby? She replied that the woman was not “pro-choice.”

    She’s 21, and she doesn’t see.

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