Everyday Ports of Call.

If you happen to have a person of the liberal/progressive persuasion toss out the “liberal talking point” that “all conservatives are knuckle dragging, monosyllabic, PBR drinking, bible thumping, evolutionary throwbacks, force them to visit direct them to any of the fine folks on the daily read list on the the right hand side of this bit of fluff on the net.

There are at least two full fledged engineers there, along with folks of other disciplines. All are well read, intelligent, and have an excellent command of the language. They all also get it; that this country is in serious trouble from without and within. Based on their writings, all appear to be passionate about what they believe in, not devoid of feelings. But they (and I) differ, from those who would act (or have others act for them) purely based on feelings. They rely on reason and logic to carry the day.

I have tried to keep this particular group reasonably small, after all there are only so many hours available in which to enjoy what these folks have to say, and I am hard pressed to get to all of them already. Still, lists have a way of growing, and this one is no exception. To that end, please welcome to new additions. One, which was already on the blog roll (of those sites “you try to get to as often as possible”) that I have found myself visiting daily; “Hookers and Booze”. The title is a bit misleading, there is much more discussed there than women of dubious virtue or adult beverages. And it is all delightfully presented and hosted by “Armed Geek” and the vivacious “Aggie”. The second, “Rage Against The Kakistocracy”, appears to be as clear headed and as well reasoned as they come. Anyone who understands what the Constitution is all about, and the obligation of ALL elected officials to honor their oaths of office to the letter, is alright in my book, and always welcomed here.

Check all of them out, you will not be disappointed.


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  1. Awwww, thanks, Guy! I must say that I am not a hostess at H&B. That is really ArmedGeek’s site. I really just pull the slack when he is busy, and he is kind enough to let me blog there. I must say I enjoy it immensely, and have found it to be a great collaboration 😉

    Especially since I don’t deal with the “women of dubious virtue” 😀

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