And on this month, the Republic died.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has been around for quite some time. Those who take electronic pen to electronic paper there, are some of the most passionate and elegant folks to be found anywhere. That they are anything but low-keyed in their responses to most topics open for discussion, on any given post, insures a lively give and take will take place, and it will never be dull. Sometimes fun, often times informative, and when occasion demands downright serious.

This is one of those downright serious moments.

Many have talked about the way this nation is, and has been heading. It has been suggested the current path we are on is one which was started almost since the inception of this great nation. We have been moving slowly away from the ideals and precepts put forth by the founding fathers, during the first hundred years or so, at a relative snails pace. And as such there was little, if anything done, to change the direction. Few, if any, noticed, and fewer really cared.

A generation later, the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson, would bring about change resulting in us moving along at a “brisker pace”. That was when the federal income tax system, the same one we have come to know and love today, was formally put into place (and law).

A generation still later, FDR would see this “brisk pace” increased even further. Now we were quite literally “off to the Socialist/Progressive races. Granted some of the massive expansion of (the federal) government could be excused on the Second World War, but much, much more must be laid at the feet of Roosevelt.

Little more than a generation after that, saw JFK, LBJ, and Richard Nixon, setting the final stage, keeping us at the brisk pace established by FDR, and setting us up for what would be “the home stetch”, and the last push to the “finish line”. Presidents Carter, Bush “41” and “43”, and Clinton set us up for the final “push”.

That “push”, the “sprint to the finish line”, came in two parts. Part one was the (for all real intent and purposes) total collapse of our legislative branch, in the sense of it being a real and true representative body of the American people. They are now little more then “lords and ladies” (apologies in advance to any real lords and ladies out there) of the court. No longer accountable to those who elected them to office. Morally, ethically, fiscally, as removed from “the common man” as any dark lord of Hell would be from the Heavenly Hosts.

Up until this point in time, they at least had the “courtesy” to vote on any given law placed before them. And if the pressure, for some reason known only to God, was far too great in allowing for it to be willingly (or at least begrudgingly) accepted by the people, said bill would be quietly left to die. The battle left to be fought another day, by another Congress. Louise Slaughter has other ideas.

Part two is the current occupant of the White House. He of quick tongue. He who is wrapped in robes made up of equal parts of massive ego, hubris unbound, and a narcissistic state being here to for unknown, even in the cesspool of D.C. Barack Hussin Obama, whom I have compared to Jimmy Carter, and I was wrong for doing so. Carter was a much better man. I have also compared him to FDR, at times calling him “the reincarnation of FDR, and I was wrong for doing so. FDR at the very least believed in fighting evil when confronted with same. (That he was an avowed Socialist and flirted with Communists is, a topic for another day.) No, Obama is much more likely to be the reincarnation of Louis the 16th of France. (With Micheal aptly filling in for Marie Antoinette.)

These two parts together, are the “kick” which will bring this nation to it’s knees. These two together have brought us to the “finish line” for this “Representative Republic”.

And this is the final line, once crossed, which will see this nation either no longer exist as we knew it. Or will see the start of such calamity, the likes of which has not been seen since it’s founding.

God have mercy on all those who are a part of what is transpiring in our nation’s capital, I fear the American people, in very short order, will not nearly be so generous.



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6 responses to “And on this month, the Republic died.

  1. Excellent post. We must spread this knowledge as widely as possible.

  2. I’ve got rope and some good experience if required.

  3. Guy S

    Dick, it would be an honor to have you, your experience, and your rope, covering my six. With the way things are going down Texas way, on your southern flank, I am wondering when the Governor is going to seced from the Union, and send his troops (Ye olde Texas National Guard) down Mexico way to kick some ass.

  4. Secession will never happen, but after those killings the other day at the consulate, he made send the Guard. He did ask for help from the Feds yesterday.

  5. Update: He sent the Texas Rangers to handle the problem.

  6. Guy S

    Would love to know that the last thing heard by any given drug trafficker/corrupt politico (from either side of the border) was the lilting strains of “The Eyes of Texas are Upon You … “.

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