If Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the Democrats have their way…

… our Representative Republic “dies” on March 21st, 2010.

Contrary to what is swirling around the net right now, “Deem and Pass” has not “officially passed”. We still have a Republic, even if it is comatose. However, due to the failure of the Republicans, along with 28 Democrats, to force an “up or down vote”, “Deem and Pass” has managed to jump what looks to be the final hurdle in it’s way to being enacted on this Sunday.

I am an emotional sort. Oft-times quick to anger, as I am quick to smile and laugh, should the situation warrant . Right about now I am near tears. And that doesn’t happen all that often.

As much as I remember how we used to have drills for “the atomic bombing of our cities and towns”. The (admittedly somewhat vague, do to the passing of the years) tension felt round the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, must be very much akin to what I am feeling right about now. For as goes the fate of this great nation, sooner or later, goes the rest of the free world.

Will all this come to pass bright and early on Monday morning (assuming the Statists have their sabbat, mockery of the sabbath, on Sunday (of all days)? Of course not. But the stage will have been set, and the actors will have played their parts. Come Monday their will be a new nation, where once the United States existed. The Representative Republic will be well and truly dead.

Resuscitation is possible. It will require a horrific amount of blood, sweat, and tears, from all corners of this land, and there is no guarantee of success. But there wasn’t a guarantee back in 1776 either.

Wonder if I can get a shortwave transceiver cheap, cause I don’t think this interweb thing is going to be round too much longer. At least not as accessible as it is now.



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3 responses to “If Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the Democrats have their way…

  1. Good post, brother, damn good post.

  2. It has been my experience, Guy, that a lot of liberals and leftists rely waaaaay too much on the internet. If censorship does come to the interwebtubethingy, I don’t think they will be happy. I see it akin to the whole freedom of speech/ porn on the net arguments they use. They will soon find they will bear the acrid fruits, too.

    Right now I feel like my dad did during the CMC and the Carter years. And I see it in his face, and in his e-mails, too. And it makes my anger boil to see such apathy from my fellow countrymen, whose education has been so slipshod due to laziness. I am angry, and bitter, but not lost, and not broken. I do believe in hope, after all.

  3. Guy S

    Well do I remember the Carter years. Was stationed at NAS Dallas at that point in time. It was so bad we thought at one point we were not going to get paid. As it was the federal government (non-military) DIDN’T get their checks on time for that pay period (my ex wife was one of those).

    Had there been any idea that Carter’s Presidency would have been more than a little portend of things to come, some 30 odd years later, perhaps it would have gotten a tad bit hairier back then. As I recall, that was the first real mention of “militias being formed”, and some folks (albeit extremists) going “to ground”. Perhaps they were not so much “extreme” as they were “overly sensitive” to what was going on. (At the beginning edge of the “get your shit in one sock” bell curve, so to speak.)

    Blake, thank you for the kind words on your side of the web!! Wish we were all a bit closer in distance, so we could compare notes and “rope yarn”.

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