The Beginnings of our "Reichstag" Moment?

*Thanks to both Sondra K and “Melissa in Texas”, in particular, for the big heads up to the following:

Hmmmm … it would be so easy to claim this is but another example of the “heavy handedness” of government agencies allowed to run amok. And perhaps time will allow a clearer picture of the events over this weekend to be developed. But based purely on the information currently available (which is sketchy at best), could this, this, or this be the beginnings of our so called “Reichstag” moment?

In the case of the Michigan incident, the local FOX news affiliate is reporting, the individual(s) who were raided (and picked up) were supposedly selling pipe bombs! For crying out load!! Granted, these are not something to be taken lightly (and neither are ANY forms of arms/explosives), however, anyone with a bit of effort and access to a large library or google, can find any number of recipes for this kind of thing. “Selling pipe bombs” seems, on the face of it, pretty lame to me. (Though one should never underestimate the level of “stupid” out there … on both sides.)

*Continued after a seven hour “break” for work*

Okay, now it seems this “massive action by the feds” was against yet another “extremist Christian sect ™ ” .

” … the FBI targeted the Hutaree after its members made threats of violence against Islamic organizations.”

If these individuals were in fact trying to instigate violence against those who are law abiding citizens practicing their particular “faith” with no ties or advertised intent to bend this country or subvert it to “the will of Allah”, then yes they should be rounded up. That having been said, it strikes me as a bit disconcerting agents of our government would be acting so fast against a “Christian” group, when their record (across the board, not picking on the FBI here) is less than sterling, in dealing with those who instigate, advocate, and or promote (overt or covertly) either violence or eventual subjugation of the West (and by extension America) to Islamic rule and law.

This whole thing smells a bit too much of political correctness and diversity having a hand in things. Of the administration trying it’s damnedest to start something happening in order to advance it’s own agenda(s). Are they angling for their “Reichstag Fire”, in the form of an “alleged” incident involving people whose views are “right of center”, copious amounts of firearms and other items which may produce “a loud flash and bang”? Folks who tend not to “play nice” in this ever increasing politically divisive and politically correct world?

I kind of wonder. Even with this on going story, in just one day it has changed from the Michigan militia being raided, to pipe bombs, and now religious extremists targeting other “religious extremists” … err, followers of “Teh Religion of Peace ™ © ”

Perhaps this one needs a day or so to settle before reviewing it again. But my gut doesn’t feel quite right about what has transpired so far. What say ya’ll?


Well, the “sealed documents” have been “unsealed”, and the latest spin at this hour , via My Way/AP is :

Nine alleged members of a Christian militia group that was girding for battle with the Antichrist were charged Monday with plotting to kill a police officer and slaughter scores more by bombing the funeral – all in hopes of touching off an uprising against the U.S. government.

This makes the second or third variation on a theme. The theme being “What can we tag this group of people with, that will resonate with a significant number of people, so we can say we have acted with impunity.”

I say the above, with one caveat, if this group of “religious extremists/survivalists/militia joining/gun toting/separatists/islamiphobes/good old boys” (I think that about covers all the labels attached to them.), happens to be actually guilty of intending to … err wait, if they didn’t actually act on their threats, has a crime actually been committed? There is an interesting question. Seriously, if these folks are found to have been plotting to actively kill one or more LEO’s (along with families and friends of same), then have at em, and more power to you.

This having been said, the whole thing smells. There web site is hardly as strident as some I have seen that espouse extreme takes on the Christian theology/tenants. Even the AP story seems to be rather disjointed. Though they have been charged with all manner of crimes, there is little, if any indication on their site, as to them acting out in such a fashion.

Though it is still too early to make a hard and fast statement regarding this whole thing, I will toss this out:

If you are the Federal Government, and you want to address the “militia concern” (especially in the one state with a very large – and growing larger – Islamic presence), do you directly attack these fairly large, well armed, and (reasonably) well trained groups? No you do not. Rather, you either wait for smaller groups to “splinter off”, or failing that, instigate matters causing said smaller group(s) to “splinter off”, and when the time is right, attack them.

Just my guess. Read the link above, and see what you think. And as always, comments are welcome.



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2 responses to “The Beginnings of our "Reichstag" Moment?

  1. Once again, this turd smells.

  2. Guy S

    Sorry for taking so long to respond. Built my sweetieheart a new puter, and between that and work, haven’t had time to do much else.

    Anyhow, it is looking like there may be some truth to the federal allegations. Apparently, the FBI had a “plant” in this little merry band. And the “ringleader” was in fact, going to attempt to do exactly what he (and the others) was charged with; attempting to engage in hostile actions with the US. It does appear he “followers” (if you can call them that) were more like sheep, than actual fellow instigators. Still waiting to see how it all falls out, but perhaps this time the Feds got on top of a nut case, before anything could happen.

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