World War II … on Facebook!

Bumped into the following on facebook. thanks to Charles Hill (yes, “that” Charles Hill). There are any number of bloggers out there who have, for equally as many reasons, hopped onto facebook. Although it has its problems, and some of the “applications” are dubious at best, it is a great little social tool in keeping track of family, friends (old and new), and various other people and groups of interest.

Anyhow! Getting back to the matter at hand, Charles (on his facebook “wall”, linked to an interesting blog called “I Am The Worst Blogger”. Specifically, he linked to this. Those of you who are passingly familiar with facebook, or are users of same, will “get it”, right off the bat. To the rest of you, share it with a family member or friend who is. They should be able to key you in on what is taking place (facebook speak, if you will).

Both my wife and I got a kick out of it, hope you will as well.

Thanks Charles for sharing!!


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