"Az makes it a crime to be an illegal immigrant."

Look at the header for this post. What is wrong with that statement?

If you see nothing wrong, then you are part of the problem.

immigrant (?m’?-gr?nt) n.
A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another.
Source: American Heritage Dictionary

illegal (ih-lee-guhl) adj.
contrary to or in violation of a law
Source: Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law

crime(krahym) n.
An action or an instance of negligence that is deemed injurious to the public welfare or morals or to the interests of the state and that is legally prohibited [boldface mine-ed].
Source: Random House Dictionary via Dictionary.com

So our esteemed media types are so in a dither about the goings on in Arizona, they literally can’t (or won’t) see the forest for the trees. In this era of political correctness, of “undocumented aliens vice illegal immigrants, that are going to keep coming to this country for jobs and the money they represent, as long as the legality of their being here is either ignored or only sporadically addressed when convenient.

And this doesn’t address the other concerns peripheral to “the good illegals”, just trying to take care of their families (here, or back in their native lands). What about the terrific strain placed on the infrastructure of this country; the hospitals, the police, other city and social services, the various welfare programs and educational opportunities in place supposedly for those who are either here legally or are citizens?
Then there are those who are here with less then honorable intent. The drug dealers and other agents of organized crime. The agents of other nations who are seeking to bring about acts of violence, distruction, and other forms of mayhem, against that last major bastion of western civilization.

If we fail to first secure our borders, making it, if not impossible, at least terrifically hard to cross into this country unopposed/unchecked, then we are will on the way to being nothing more than a group of States or even City-States occupying bits of land between Mexico and Canada. And in not even being able to do this, how on earth are we going to be able to begin to address the underlying issues behind “illegal immigration and illegal immigrants?

First – Admit there is a problem. It doesn’t matter who started it. It doesn’t matter (for the moment) who is continuing to feed or nurture it. It doesn’t even matter what agendas might be in play to continue letting it stay as it has been for at least the last two generations now. Admit there is a problem.

Second – Agree to securing the borders. We can deal with the folks already here later. We can address all the other concerns as well … later. Secure the borders. Honor the spirit and intent of both “the rule of law” and the legitimate “sovereignty of nations” (in this case, THIS nation). by closing the borders, restricting traffic in and out of this country to those legal areas so designated for same.

Third – Realize there is, and always has been since this nations inception, a desire by peoples of all races, creeds, colors, and national origins, to immigrate here. And there were almost as many reasons for them to do so. It is past time to review, revise, and update our policies toward those who seek to reside in this country and to become Americans. (Not African-Americans, or Polish-Americans, Hungarian-Russian-Mexican-Asian-Americans, but AMERICANS period.) The process should be reasonably thorough, but not so bogged down by red tape and bureaucracy as to make it as daunting as it currently is.

Fourth – Though the morality of tapping into a workforce which is willing to work for considerably less than what the local workforce may be willing to accept, as a way of conducting business, it is and always has been part of the free market/capitalistic way. It was only until the unions became a force to be reckoned with, that this changed. To the extent, this is still a factor in some labor markets, and that this labor need is being met with alien workers, also needs to be addressed. Either we are going to continue to allow this practice to exist, and provide either potential employers with the paperwork needed to supply themselves with a given amount of alien workers (working visas and the like) or we are going to actively pursue shutting this practice down, thus drying up the market.

Fifth – Be it the trafficking of narcotics (and any and all other aspects of the drug trades), people (prostitution and other forms of quasi-slavery/human trafficking), or terrorist/military/para-military “adventurism” allowed to transpire freely, on this side of the border, needs to be stopped and stopped now. This should entail an increased (and properly funded) border patrol presence, augmented by local law enforcement agencies, and if need be by National Guard or Federal troops. To this end, if we must in turn go across the border to remedy the situation, then so be it. If the government of Mexico (or other countries or agents of same) can not be relied upon to sufficiently police their side of the border, or effectively control and contain their respective criminal elements, then we will, for as long as they are impacting our peoples, their properties, and or their lives. Is this not one of the major responsibilities of a nations government to or toward its people?

There is more “fine tuning” which could be done to the above. But that would be as good a start as any, and more than what has been done so far.


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