Not Dead Yet

I know it has been quite sometime since I have posted. Looking back, there were a few reasons why things have been so barren over here at the Harbor:

  • The feeling all which has been said so far, has already been said by myself, and often times much better by others, throughout the interwebs.
  • Greeting each day in hopes that things couldn’t get much worse then they already are, regarding our countries “leaders” (in all branches and levels of government) actions, laws, and comments.  But finding out by days end, yep it can, indeed get worse.  Thus burnout ensued.
  • Taking some time to “recharge” in hopes I would be better able to fight the good fight renewed in strength and some level of hope/optimism for the future.

There were other factors, that day to day thing called life for example, which also flavored posting.  Work has been taking up a large part of my day with longer hours, as well as projects here at home, demanding time and energies.

I have left comments at any number of fine sites (all of which are listed on the right side of this bit of fluff, go take a look and enjoy their quality wit and wisdom, you won’t be sorry), but the time has come to step back on the soapbox.  Much like one looks on in horror at the train wreck, or the multi-car pile up at a NASCAR event, you want to turn away, but some inner beast compels you to look and take it all in.  So it is with the current goings on in our country, and in particular with the asshatery taking place in our nation’s capital.

And so, I am back, bloody but unbowed.



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5 responses to “Not Dead Yet

  1. About time. I can’t stand bitchin’ by myself.

  2. Guy S

    Yeah, but Dick you are one of the more entertaining “bitchers” out there. And more then a little honored to have someone like you covering my six!! Keep your powder dry, I think this year is going to be rather “interesting”.

  3. Right on, good to see you back. I know how it goes. The writing ebbs and flows. Sometimes I’ll drop a few posts a day, sometimes it’ll be a few weeks between a single post.

    I’ll keep checking in. Keep up the good work.

  4. Guy S

    Philo, thank you for the kind thoughts and words.

    Perhaps if I was either 25-30 years younger, or 30-40 years older, a different brush and pallet would have been used to paint on life’s canvas. We are but reflections of time and place, parents partners and friends, nature and nurture. Time will tell if we are to rebuild around the divinely inspired framework given our forefathers, or we are to be relegated to the annals of history, with luck to be reborn at the hands of some future band of brothers in which the flame of freedoms burn bright.

  5. Beautifully said.

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