When in the Course of Human Events

I meant to comment on this much earlier today. But my father-in-law and I went out and got mom a brand new 50 inch plasma (Samsung via Sears) television. Also got a new oscillating fan, and a digital camera (for dad).

Anyhow, Chris via his merry band of Day-by-Dayers (Daiers?) are always good for a read. But today, today the good Mr Muir out did himself. It was more then a cartoon, more then a humorous jab at the follies, fables, and failings the human condition is subject to. This one hit right at the heart of what is ailing this country, it’s people, and it’s charter to both the government and the governed. I suggest, if at all possible, to get a copy of same, and take down the words written there. Read them again in text form. Then go and read the item they were “based” on. Then read Chris’s “version” again.

If you are not. at the very least, a bit unsettled, then may I suggest you would have been equally at home, some 234 years ago or so, as a “Torry”. And you may have you “once and future bastard child king, along with his sycophants, his Confederacy of Dunces; aka both Houses, and your fellows who voted same into office. The rest of us want our nation back. Failing that we may just take what we will and start fresh. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before.


After seeing this done on a number of sites, thought it would not be a bad idea to do the same here. It needs to be seen by as many as possible.

You say you want a revolution ...



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2 responses to “When in the Course of Human Events

  1. I read it last night, and immediately began searching for a way to leave a comment at day-by-day, or at Big Hollywood. The former lacks that option, and this Sunday’s strip has not yet posted at the latter.

    It was anger over Hollywood’s deliberate avoidance of this exact subject that prompted me to break a six month long silence at my blog last July 3. The Grievances that Incited the American Revolution was the first post that began me on the road to my most voluminous posting year ever: 118 blog entries, nearly triple of any previous year.

    In short, Hollywood’s big production about the Declaration, had done up the reading of the declaration in various places in the colonies in front of big crowds. And the long litany of abuses by King George III were completely left out of this screenplay.

    As Chris demonstrates, Leftist/Statist Hollywood was afraid the viewing public would make the same connection as did Sam in this strip. So they made the “programming” decision to leave the damning evidence out of the movie and not disturb the sheeple.

  2. Guy S

    The irony here is they feel we are better served by our betters than by ourselves. Much like old King George and company seemed to feel about us. This also plays to the current resident of the oval office and his toadies.

    We shall see how this all plays out.

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