An Early Birthday Present.

I have to work on the 3rd and the 4th. So I thought I would live a little celebration music (and accompanying videos) for you all to enjoy.

The first one is interesting for a couple of reasons. That the artists/musicians are comparatively young (at least to folks my age), and yet they get it. Perhaps there is reason to be hopeful for many more 4th of July observances to be held in the years and decades to come, if music such as this is being produced and preformed.

This brings us to selection number 2. As a few of you may have heard me exclaim from time to time; “Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Can anybody see what I see??” Well, this is a bastardized quote from the musical “1776”. And was stated by John Adams while in a darkened Independence Hall. Can’t think of a better time of year, to play the whole piece.

Next, a favorite of almost all patriotic celebrations, especially those done by choirs. Done by one of this country’s premiere choirs. “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

And last, but not least, a relatively recent addition, which to many may be considered a patriotic tune. Now more than ever, “God Bless the USA”.

Have a happy and safe 4th. We have made it this far, with luck, trust in God, (keeping) faith with the inspired documents given us by the founding fathers, and willingness to help and band with our brothers, we will make it an America future generations can be proud of, as well.

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