Sometimes you have to move …

… whether you want to or not. And such is the case here. I will be looking for a “free” service, the cost of running this beast is no longer within the means. If I fail to find a comfortable fit, rest assured I will be commenting as I always have, at not only my favorite stops around the net, but any and all places which catch my interest.

But life does go on, and new site or not, the day to day business of life will keep me busy. New books (and the welcome re-reading of old friends) are waiting to be read, news is waiting to be scanned and digested, and old movies are begging to carry one away from the hear and now, if only for an hour or so.

To all who have stopped by here and especially those who have been so kind as to leave a comment now and again, thank you. Knowing there are kindred spirits out there, makes the journey all that much more easier and often times enjoyable.

So, until next time, keep on fighting the good fight, and keep your powder dry. The next year or two should hold some of the most challenging and interesting times this nation has ever seen. And it is my belief we will all play a part in its outcome (no matter how larger or small a part that may prove to be).

– Guy



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6 responses to “Sometimes you have to move …

  1. Hit up WordPress for there cheapy site. Nobody will think a thing of it.

  2. Guy S

    Yeah, that is most likely the way I will go. May do a make over on the template too. Time will tell. And btw, great to see you and Kelly made it back safe to Texas. Hope the trip was all you hoped it would be!

  3. Shoot out a change of address when you move and I’ll update the linky.

  4. Christ…. I wish I could spell when I’m drinking. “there”?

  5. I’m a bit confused…is this the new site?

  6. Aggie, this is indeed the “new” site. Moved all the old posts (and will try and get the pics and such as well) from the “dot org” site.

    The biggest difference is this one is “free”. There is also fewer features here. I cannot alter the code on this site, for one thing, and cannot add scripting to the sidebar, for another.

    But in any case, welcome aboard!

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