What’s a Fella to do?

I can’t stand the Progressives, the Socialists (old style, or the new “Americanized” version), care even less for their older brothers (the ones with cojones) – the Communists. And as long as we’re at it, you can toss out all the other “isms”, which are (or have been) viable political entities/governments. This includes: Fascists, Maoists, Marxists, (yeah, I know the last two are versions of the Commies, but they have both – the Marxists, being the Russian version- bent the original manifesto to suit their own needs, wants, and desires) and all the little tin horn two bit banana republic dictators out there, who don’t even rate an “ism” to call their own. Guess you could lump them under Authoritarianism.

So now you are thinking, this fella has got to be a dyed in the wool Republican! After all that is the only thing left off his list. Well hold on there a minute Bubba-Louie!!

If we were talking about the Grand Old Party who followed this platform, I might be inclined to march in step with same. But as it stands right now, they have strayed well off the platform. Key words and phrases are still trotted out, come convention time, or when there appears to be a need to placate the rank and file. The actions of individual elected officials, along with the powers that be at the RNC tell a different tale. Perhaps the party is not as elitist or as willing to ignore those they represent, but they are, at the end of the day, taking baby steps in that direction (vice the sprinting done by the Democrats). My gut tells me they would find authoritarianism under a Republican rule, to be as satisfying to them as the current majority is as eager to embrace Socialism or Fascism (albeit with a “smiley face”).

Both sides are damaged goods. Both sides are leagues away from what the founding fathers placed before us some 234 years ago. And regardless if we, or previous generations, are at least partially responsible in the creation of the monster, they are the ones who breathed life into it, and continue to do so.

So what is a fella to do?

Hide under the bed, and allow the chips to fall where they may? Flat out give up, perhaps even embracing the progressive ideals (or lack thereof), taking what one can get for themselves, and to hell with everyone else?

Or do we buy into the current GOP mantra, that they will learn the lessons being out of power have taught them. That they will listen to the people, really cut spending, work toward a proper national defense which reflects the threats not only world wide- but on our borders (and domestically as well), allow for the free market to adjust for whatever it needs to adjust for without any (or at the most-minimal) government interference, trim massive amounts of bloated programs-agencies, honestly attempt to balance the budget (and live within same)? I see them giving this lip service, and perhaps some token amount of action, but nothing more.

Then there are the various third parties out there.

Libertarians – they do have some good (and some very good) ideas. But they are perhaps even more factionalized than the Democrats.
All the others are such a small percent of the voting populous as to be virtually non-existent. Let alone that many are little more than extreme versions of the two major parties. Granted many espouse the virtues of their mainstream brothers, often times much better then said brothers. But they also embody the most vile traits as well.

The only short term solution (of sorts) one arrives at, is to prepare for the worst, but hope in what surely must remain of the real national will. That come this November, we will not only have (at least) a legislative branch better reflecting the voice and the heart of the American public, but one which is not afraid to act regarding same. Heaven help us all if this fails to come to pass. We will be watching, waiting, and hoping. But we will not be satisfied with words and platitudes. For this nation to survive as it was conceived there must be profound and wide sweeping action. There must be accountability. If not, it won’t be a case of “we won’t be fooled again”, it will be a case of a right and proper watering (and tending to) of the tree of liberty.


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