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Yet One More Cut …

… of the knife in our collective “body politic”. If this group, and others of like mind, are successful in reaching their stated goal, this generation will bear witness to what might be the fatal blow to our Constitutional Republic. In this particular case, the effective disestablishment of the Electoral College.

This particular part of our Constitution seems to be quietly ignored until the Presidential election cycle is in high gear. We become “blessed” with hearing from learned folk (usually college professors of a leftist bent or political pundits of the same stripe) about the archaic nature of the “College”, that it no longer serves a useful purpose in our modern day political dance. To balance things out, we also hear from the “common folk”, the “concerned citizen”, the distressed mom, the agitated -but oh so earnest-college student (He or she may be in their 6th or 7th year of immersion in ivy league demagoguery, things take time when you still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, put that’s a story for a later date.), who claim the time has long since come for “the majorities voice to be heard”. “The person who wins the popular vote, should be the one to ascend to the office of the Presidency.” After all, we are a democracy, aren’t we?

The short answer is: No we are not. But these gents explain it as well as any, and are well worth a watch.

I will grant that we are closer to being a democracy than we have ever been in our 234 year history. But sorry ye old constitutionally challenged folk out there, we are still a Constitutional Republic. A democratic form of government to be sure, but not a democracy.

Time was (before the ratification of the seventeenth amendment) the only elected office at the national level, to be directly selected by the voting populace at large, were their respective Congressmen. After the ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment this included the direct electing of Senators for each state as well. In any case, the electing of a President (and Vice President) as provided for in the Constitution, was addressed in detail, by our charters founders to provide as many safeguards as possible in preventing exactly what is being attempted today.

I say it again. I would shout it from the highest mountain, if it would make any appreciable difference, we are a Constitutional Republic and NOT a Democracy!! To deconstruct our national government to the point where it is no longer the former, in order to bring about the latter, is to sign a death warrant for this nation. Death may not come in short order (though with the present players in all levels and branches of state and federal government, I wouldn’t count on that either), but it will come, and it will not be gentle, kind, or compassionate. We will become little more then the “large economy size” of a banana republic. And that will be only because we are “lucky”. My money is on their being at least one “confederacy” of some sort (At least a few of the former states aligning together for their common good), a number of areas under some sort of feudial arangement, various bands of roving gangs, Anarchists, and ne’er-do-wells, and heaven knows what else.

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