Name anyone on the current music scene …

… who has half the talent this gent had in his prime. Go ahead, I dare ya.

Always admired Sammy Davis. He was a consummate entertainer, and could do it all with ease. And if the above didn’t give you some sort of emotional response, ya might want to get an appointment set up with your doc, cause there may be some heath issues needing to be addressed.

As for what got me to the above, you have to thank this gal. The title of her post, “That Old Black Magic”, got me to searching youtube to see if I could find that old standard. Didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find this:

Recorded in March of 1955 in New York, on the Decca label.

But the one I really got a kick out (and listened to first) was this:

From there it was but a short hop to the first video at the start of this post.

So anyhow, thanks Aggie, for sending me back down a musical memory lane.


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6 responses to “Name anyone on the current music scene …

  1. My favorite Sammy track was always “The Shelter of Your Arms.”

    Even this really beat-up 45 version is worth some of your time.

    Extra bonus disclosure: The “Samuels” identified as the composer is Jerry Samuels, whose own biggest hit – not under his name – was this.

    • First, CG thanks for stopping by, and welcome aboard!!

      Second, the music-fu is strong in you sir!! I busted out laughing at Samuel’s rather successful “one hit wonder”. Remember all the hallabalu when that song hit the airwaves? The irate parents … and the kids snickering behind their backs?

      How times have changed. When a silly song like that could cause such a stir, compared with what passes for “music” now (much less the content of said music, or the videos for same).

  2. Oh, I do love the first song. One of my favorites…. my dad had a few of his records when I was growing up. I miss waking up on Saturdays to this 🙂

  3. Well get a couple of drinks in me and I will sing it at the local Karaoke bar. *grin* (The folks out at the Fleet Reserve in Lexington Park MD thought I did a passable job on it there, back in the day.)

    All we used to wake up to were the daily farm reports via Orian Samulson, on WGN radio. Dad needed to hear it to keep tabs on what beef and pork bellies were doing. Mom just liked to listen to Wally Phillips.

  4. Harry Connick Jr.

    What else ya got? 🙂

    • There are a number of folks, Connick perhaps being the most familiar, who are indeed strong musicians, singers, (and in his case actors; but can he “hoof”, is he Jewish-with one eye *grin*).

      Seriously, Harry Connick Jr. is about as close as you are going to get. As much as I don’t care for her a case could be made for Madonna, at least she has covered all the show business bases. Though her overall talent level is not nearly as high as either Sammy Davis or Harry Connick.

      Then there are others who have talent in both vocal and instrumental music. Diana Krall comes to mind.

      But I can not think of anyone who has the overall talent and ability, to the same degree, that Sammy Davis had, and is currently on the scene. (Connick would be about the closest – other than dancing)

      Kinda sad ain’t it? Perhaps it is also a valid reason why the music/recording industry is in such sorry shape. They are no longer promoting talent, but they are continuing to shovel shit at the public all the while wondering why their sales are heading south.

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