What ideals and principles this country was founded on.

The ransom paid by not only our forefathers, but the common men and women, forever branded “patriot”, so they and future generations of Americans would have formally recognized; the inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Freedom isn’t (and never has been) “free”. It is continually being paid for by the blood of good men and true, answering the call to defend same, time and time again.

When liberties and freedoms are chiseled away in order to gain, or be granted some measure of security, sooner or later you end up with neither liberties, freedoms, or security.

Hate may indeed be all consuming, destructive of the heart, mind, and soul. But a passion controlled, an anger well defined, focused and directed, are, in and of themselves, not the same as hate, and not to confuse the three.

The anger and passion you felt … after the towers fell? The Pentagon burned? A quiet Pennsylvania field exploded in flames, twisted metal, and human wreckage?

The response around the world from those who followed, or professed to follow, the “religion of peace”?

“Let’s Roll!” A war cry rallying brave souls against the mock-courage of terrorists?

Your history, your past, where you were one September morning, nine short years ago?

Let the anger, passion, the memory of that day fade, and those who embrace the agents of darkness and their actions, will, sooner or later, win.

Never forget …



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9 responses to “Remember

  1. It’s tattooed, brother!

    • Somehow I knew you would “get it”. Thanks for stopping by Dick. You are among a handful of folks who I suspect will never forget (or forgive for that matter). And to be counted in your ranks would be high honor indeed.

  2. One of the best things about being me is my family can trace it’s history back to around 900 a.d..
    I had kin who fought in the Crusades. Ya gotta love that!

    • It is possible my kin were there as well, at least on great grandmas side (She being of Hungarian/Transylvanian decent … does “Valid the Impaler” ring a bell? He wasn’t all that kind hearted toward the Islamists of his day, if my history is correct.). The other side of the family was slovic in origin so who knows. As for me, all I got to do was annoy the commies from time to time. Would give my eye teeth to be able to thin out the Mecca lovers out there, if only a little bit.

  3. cmblake6

    Superb, Guy. Superb. Well said.

  4. cmblake6

    And you’re correct about Vlad Tepisch and his warmth for pisslam. Actually it became more of a red hot feeling, as I recall from history.

    • The last time I was deployed while in the Navy, we went on a “Med cruise”. One of the ports we pulled into was Constanta, Romania. I wish I could have worked out a week or so leave while we were there, so I could have gone and visited the province of Transylvania, if only to see if I could have found some relatives there.

  5. I’m sure my ancestors were involved with the Crusades as well. Sadly, their involvement probably consisted of running a roadside pizza/pasta stand for those on the way to the Crusades. Really good pizza and pasta.

    But seriously… reference to the post itself, I will never forget. And neither will my son. And to all the muslims out there, I will never submit.

    • You never know, family trees often produce some very interesting fruit, and the limbs and branches provide quite the trip into the past.

      Are we talking “real” Sicilian pizza pie, or some other variant? (Have had it from stone ovens while over just out side of Catania)

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