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911 Hard Hats

Found this site on face book today.

If nothing else, take a couple of minutes and watch the video. If you have the means to do so spend the couple of bucks it will take to send the applicable post cards to the powers that be.

The cynic in me wonders if it will really do any good. But the optimist (he is the one, lately on anti-depressives) thinks if enough cards find their way to the congressional, senatorial, administrative, mayoral, etc, etc, offices and or mail boxes … well, at the very least, it will annoy the hell out of them. And maybe this close to an election cycle, they might just do something. Or in the case of the Usurper in chief, perhaps he will shut his pie hole for once, having said far too much already.

In any case, the union folks (and all other trades folk) need to know when they are on the right page. If enough people from around the country are sending cards, especially back to the folks in NYC, they might just get the message, that the majority of the American people are behind them in their collective efforts to prevent this travesty from ever being built.

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