Only one slight problem …

… err nevermind, we are talking about Chicago politics after all. However, there seems to be one little hitch in Rahm’s plans on trying to become the next mayor of Chicago.

To run for mayor, a candidate must be a Chicago resident for at least one year before the Feb. 22, 2011, election. Generally, if a candidate leaves the state for work yet retains ownership of a city property, maintains his voter registration and continues to vote absentee, he should not have a problem, according to Jim Allen, a spokesman for the Chicago Board of Elections.

“We don’t know what nature an objection might be so I don’t want to prejudge the facts that might be filed, but when someone maintains voter registration in Chicago we consider that person a resident,” Allen said. “It’s no different from someone (who is) in the military or travels a great deal on business.”

Ok, who are we kidding, this asshat is a Democrat, and one of Obambi’s insiders, a long standing member of the political “machine” which is Chicago (Democratic) politics,  of course he is going to be allowed to run.  And chances are, will be the Democratic pick for mayor!


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5 responses to “Only one slight problem …

  1. cmblake6

    😛 Needs to have the tongue waving with spit flying.

  2. He’ll get away with it. It’s the Chicago way.

  3. Sadly Aggie, I think you are right on the money. But Chicago has been a Democrat town for soooo long, I doubt they will ever change. One of the many reasons I hope to be rid of this State at some future point in time.

  4. But, if it has to happen, I’d rather have as many assholes concentrated there as possible rather than spread them out via the four winds to all the corners of the earth. Make a refuge for asshats and guard it well.

    Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer, if only to better keep an eye on them.

    Or to quote a line from Dune: The first step to avoiding a knife is knowing in which hand it is held.

  5. Lemur, true enough. And thanks for stopping by!

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